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Decided to head to Cincinnati early. Snuck a few sessions in for a couple lucky guys that at one time or another offered support to me from afar by donating to my Cashapp or PayPal. At the time they offered their support they had no idea I would begin traveling to their area…heck I didn’t even know. I decided I would reward them with a session at a fraction of the usual donation. It went really well. I plan to do this in Indy and Nashville. If you’ve offered support in the past or if you donate even now your name goes into a bag and I will pick three and text the lucky winners to see if the are available for this gratitude session.

My cashapp is $sessionsky and my PayPal is my number 5026101931. Be sure to include your city name in the notes of your donation. All donations will be put back for housing and or maintenance on my car. At this time I need about 3 thousand dollars worth of work done to it. This Thursday I’m taking care of 1500 dollars of it taken care of.

So Cincinnati until Thursday morning. The mechanic working on my car is in indy so I will be going from Cincinnati to Indy and stay Thursday night and off to Louisville Friday until Monday. Monday the 11th I will be headed to Nashville Tennessee.

Xoxo…love you all.


Home sweet home. Indianapolis was a bit rough this trip. Ran into an asshole…a big one. Messed everything up. Crazy…but he is one in group of wonderful men. I don’t judge Indianapolis or anyone but the individual that chose to attack a someone because he was out of his mind on some kind of drug that turned him into a monster.

I’m safe, and home. If anyone would like to make an appointment please text me. Monday its off to Cincinnati unless I decide to go earlier. Like Sunday. If you want me to come early let me know.



My schedule changes like the wind. Heres the latest. Monday 06.27 I’m headed to Indy. I will be staying in the Carmel area. I will be leaving early Thursday morning. If you want an appointment please reach out asap as appointments go fast.

If you don’t live close enough to spend time with me but enjoy my blog please think about donating to have the means to help a girl out. I need work done on my car. Without it I cannot travel.


If you would like me to travel to you please send me some information about your city and why I should visit.


I am in Louisville until Tuesday morning. Then I will be in Indy until Thursday morning early. In Louisville until Monday then off to Cincinnati. If you wish to book please do so asap. My tour dates book solid usually before I even arrive. I hope to hear from you soon.



Leaving Louisville about 10am and headed back to Nashville. So excited to get back and see some old friends and make some new ones!! If you are a mechanic text me…I need you in my life!!


06.16.22. I’m in Louisville today looking to book here today then tomorrow I’m unsure if I will stay here till Monday and then hit the road.

I’m in desperate need of a mechanic that can change a hose to my air conditioner in a Mercury. If you are that person or can connect me with someone please do. I hate heat and this is making regular trips miserable much less traveling. I would trade of course…

Where should I go?  You tell me.

06.13.22  I’m booked today in Indy but have availability tomorrow.  If you are interested I’ll be here until Friday morning as of now. In Carmel area.

06.11.22 Today to Tuesday morning I’ll be in Indy and Tuesday afternoon my car must go into the shop in Louisville for an uncertain amount of time.  Ill be available during that time Louisville for incall only.  From there I’m most likely going to Nashville. 

After that I am in search of another place to visit that isn’t too far.  I’m flirting with Springfield IL but unsure if it is big enough or safe for someone in my line of business as far as law enforcement goes.   Then I was thinking of somewhere in WV or Dayton Ohio.  Im missing some obvious spots im sure of it.  Id like it to be within two to four hours away.   A comfortable sized city, not too big and scary.  Indy, Louisville, Nashville, and Cincinnati are all great examples of the type of city I’m most comfortable with.

Larger cities could still worth though if I stick to the suburbs though so I need some recommendations. 


06.10.22 Today I am in Louisville, Kentucky and will be until at least Saturday.  Maybe Sunday.  IF YOU ARE WANTING TO VISIT IN LOUISVILLE REACH OUT NOW.  I’m available all day tomorrow for sure and Saturday morning until 12.

After that I’m off to Indy to spend a few days.  If you want an appointment for Indy reach out ASAP. THE APPOINTMENTS ARE GOING FAST.

• • •

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