Welcome to my blog.  I created it to communicate more than ads allow.

There are no fees here and nothing to purchase.  You may choose to follow the blog so you get an email anytime new content is added.  It is not a must its a choice.

If I were hiring a provider I would want to know who they were, not full history but in general.

How did they end up as an escort? You will find the answer to this question here.

Do they enjoy it?  I enjoy it 98% of the time.

Are they supporting a drug habit or have a pimp? The answer to those two questions are NO.

I am not the perfect provider for any client, nobody is. My hope is whether you choose me or not that you take with you information that will make your choice as safe and informed as possible.

Stay safe and horney 

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Looking foward to our session, no dought ive made the right choice!!

    1. awesome I am looking forward to it too

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