Unsolicited Dick Pics Make You A Dick

Have you ever sent unsolicited dick pics? If you have please stop. It doesn’t matter if the woman on the other end of the line is an escort…she doesn’t want a photo of your junk. It infuriates me to the point that I block just about every one of them.

Do you think I am going to see the photo of your penis and suddenly it won’t matter that I’m booked all night? It won’t.

Unsolicited dick pics are never the right way to go.  With an escort it will likely get you blocked.

Do you think we won’t mind if it is big enough? First of all an escort should know her body well enough that the size of your penis isn’t going to make or brake sex.

Men with so called small penis’ are way better lovers than men who think their dick is big enough. Those guys think they have all the skill needed wrapped up in the size of their penis. Wrong.

Sending Escorts Dick Pics

Sending an escort a photo of a large penis is more likely to get you blocked than anything because a big buddy is more work. Not to mention the reasons set above.

Escorts enjoy your company if they are doing it right and the size of your penis has nothing to do with that.

Sending a photo of your penis unsolicited is rude. You wouldn’t send any other woman a photo like that would you? Lets hope you answered no to that question. Escorts incase you were unaware are regular women too. We require the same respect that you would afford any other lady.

Escorts don't care about dick size but they do care about being respected.

Sending an unsolicited dick pic shows us with one action that you dont have respect for us because of our profession.

I don’t do a bunch of screening. My screening is age, first name, and race. Along with the feeling I get while texting with you about our potential time together.

The moment I receive a picture of your penis you fall to the back of the line at best and at worst I tell you I don’t appreciate the photo and I block you.

Here is what Vice says about the subject.

Please guys, I so enjoy speaking with you and spending time with you. Don’t send me photos of your member.

Dont send any woman photos of your member unless she asks, and if she asks you better ask yourself if she really wants it or if she wants to post it in her ladies only dick pic group where they post all the unwanted photos that men randomly send so they can get a few giggles.

Not once have I met a lady that said he had me with the pic he sent of his buddy…small or large.

Now I appreciate photos of you but they’re not required or expected. If you would like an appointment please click here for all the info you need.

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