Warning Middletown Provider

As we all know any time you book an appointment with a provider both parties have legitimate reasons for concern. 

This post is about a very real local threat.  Though this is a current situation happening in Louisville something just like it could happen in your town too.. so please be mindful of your surroundings and follow the safety measures I include at the end of this post.

Earlier this week I had a very nice client tell me one heck of a scary story about a girl going by Miranda in a condo in Middletown, KY.   He said she has tattoos and offers greek.

This is the girl, Miranda
(502) 424-4912

The address she gave was 300 echelon way but it takes you to the front of the complex then she gives further instructions.

He said a couple months ago after going through a painless booking process he arrived at the condo/apt and she was pretty.  She took him to the bedroom and she collected the money.  Right away she said she needed to put her dog away and excused herself. 

As soon as she was out of the room the client begun getting comfortable when suddenly the closet doors flung open and a dude with a hockey mask and baseball bat , yes like the mask Jason Voorhees wears, jumps out and screams HEAD OR KNEES, HEAD OR KNEES?  The client grabs his shoes, shirt, and coat while running out the door feeling like the guy was following close behind. 

When he reaches his car he gets a text with a photo of his car and license plate parked in front of her place and a message making it quite clear if he caused her any issues with cops or bad reviews she would make his life much tougher then he could imagine. 

After hearing this story once I was shocked but you never know about stories there’s always two sides.  Well just a couple days later I get a second client with an almost exact story except now a gun is involved and the man brandishing the mask proceeds to tell the client that he almost got him last time he visited but he couldn’t get there quick enough. 

This second client that told me the story is a big dude.  Not heavy I’m talking young construction guy about 6’2 and he said it took everything in him not to seek revenge by waiting and catching the coward robbing people behind a mask in a few hours when he thinks his latest victim is long gone.

Of course thinking of his family is all it took to snap him into the reality of what’s truly important.   Well I told him she cannot hurt me so I said I could at least share with my friends the danger and maybe you guys can share it with any one you know who might find himself interested in spending time with a provider in Middletown with tattoos, small dog, living in condo/ apt who offers Greek.


Please be safe out there.  Do your homework and make sure you know something about the provider you choose to see. 

Ask to look around and in closets before paying.   Be careful how close you park to their incall.  If there is a different business close park there and walk.

Never take any valuables in with you above the agreed upon fee and tip if you wish to do that.  Jewelry, and even a phone could be taken from you. 

There’s no guarantee I guess.  Just please be safe.

2 thoughts on “Warning Middletown Provider

  1. This is solid advice. People need to understand that this is a business where you have no recourse in the event something goes wrong. And, that a large segment of the industry is unscrupulous and desperate for money. Do your due diligence.
    Seeing the presentation of this provider, I”m surprised that multiple parties have responded to the ad. There are so many red flags.

    1. Unfortunately I hear of new victims every week.

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