Work On Your Intimacy At Home

Any client that has spent any time with me or read enough of my blog knows how much I wish I could help solve the issues that bring clients to an escort in the first place. For most of my clients, the number one issue is a lack of intimacies in their marriage. Problems in marriages are rarely one-sided. Maybe if you take a hard look at what part you’ve played in the marriage not fulfilling your needs, you can change that. If you want intimacy back at home, think about trying this.

A good place to repair your marriage is to make a list of all the mistakes you’ve made instead of marinating in what you see as her mistakes. That’s right, it’s confession time. Get yourself in a quiet place without looking at your social networking sites and emails… or porn fellas.


Make A List

• What you have done to harm the relationship?

• What you have avoided doing that has made your marriage difficult.

• Ways you have hurt your spouse or not been supportive.

• Promises you have made and continuously broken.

• Things you have said that were insensitive and mean-spirited to your spouse.

• Lies you have told to your spouse.

• Negative feelings you have about your marriage.

• Different ways you have brushed off your spouse’s attempts to make you work on fixing your broken marriage.

Now, I hope you were honest and able to come up with a few things that you have done that have hurt your marriage and your relationship.

If you can humble yourself for just a minute and acknowledge your faults, apologize to your spouse, and admit that you need help, you could be on your way to intimacy again.

Reminder: The only person who should see the list is you. Don’t leave it lying around for your spouse to find.

Once you get a good understanding of how much more you could have partnered with your spouse to make your marriage work, it’s time for the next step. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your spouse and apologize the right way.

Acknowledge to your spouse how you have contributed to the issues in your marriage and not done all you could do to fix your broken relationship. Rely on the list of faults you made and reviewed to speak from the heart.

Explain how it has made you feel (broken and disappointed in yourself) and acknowledge how your spouse must feel (angry, resentful etc). This will give your spouse a chance to share with you the frustration he or she is feeling.

Now, if you handle this right you should be off to a good start. Again, one of the most important steps is not just saying you understand but really understanding how you got to this point in your marriage and how it’s hurt you and your spouse mentally and emotionally. Just remember, this is about you and your faults. Don’t bring up any of the wrongs done by your spouse.

The key is fixing what’s been broken and laying the foundation for restoring your marriage and bond so the two of you can spend the rest of your lives loving one another. Without it, the chances of her warming up to you enough to reignite the sparks needed for the intimacy that you are craving are slight. It is worth a shot any way right?

Now remember, I am no expert by any stretch. These are just thoughts and hopes of you finding passion at home again. It would make everything so worth it.

3 thoughts on “Work On Your Intimacy At Home

  1. How very insightful, makes one look in the mirror at them self a little closer. You are a bit of a dichotomy; a sex worker who tries to help people repair marriages so they don’t need to see sex workers? You must be a very caring and affectionate woman. I am very intrigued by you!

    1. Intrigued is one of my favorite words.

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