Can Sex Workers and Clients Fall In Love?

Valentine’s Day is almost here, so I figured I would tackle an interesting question involving love posed in Ask An Escort Subreddit in the app Reddit. The original post asked if sex workers and their patrons ever fall in love… What a loaded question, but perfect for holiday.  The simple answer is.

Some companions don’t get any enjoyment in the services they offer their consumers.  Then there are those who love some clients, but with others they get themselves a hair from grabbing their belongings and running as fast as possible. On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who make the best out of every encounter. These companions can enjoy themselves the same way men can enjoy a one-night stand with a woman he has no intention of calling again.

Escorts must separate love and lust for a living, so the last thing you will find one doing afterward is waiting for the phone to ring.  As a matter of fact, it would be awkward, unless it was just to set up their next appointment. Once a man has fallen into the client category, it is rare that he jumps into a love interest. It’s like an imaginary line is crossed that is impossible to come back from. That is what we tell ourselves, and 99% of the time, it is true.

First impressions are hard to overcome for both sides.  Its not like clients are lined up to marry sex workers.  Yes, there are some that have a bit of a fetish for sharing their women with other men, and often those guys will be the ones that seek sex workers.  Who wants to be a fetish, though?

I’m sure some escorts dream of experiencing the story line of Pretty Woman and keep their eyes open, so they don’t miss their Richard Gere., there aren’t many of those living a life full of disappointment after disappointment.  

Sex workers are human though and, like anyone else, it is possible to get blindsided by a spark that ignites when the pieces fall into place. Chemistry is a hard thing to ignore, especially when both parties feel it at the same time. It’s like a bomb going off. 

When he answers the door, she thinks to herself, oh lord, please don’t let him know how adorable he is. Despite what you might think, most ladies prefer not to deal with hot young guys.not even young, but her age and too handsome. It’s often more enjoyable and simpler to manage your date if your client considers you are drop-dead gorgeous and is sex deprived. The session will be much easier to control than a single charming guy your age.  

Then there are the men you let your guard down for because on paper it doesn’t look like a fit. Maybe he is older or younger and not the usual look you find pleasing. Then BAM… chemistry happens, and you’re in love… at least for an hour.

It’s possible for feelings to begin. The real question is, can the relationship amount to anything?  What are your thoughts?

Can escorts and clients fall in love?

3 thoughts on “Can Sex Workers and Clients Fall In Love?

  1. Really wish you would post some more recent pictures of your body. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I love BBW women, heck I am married to one. I have been wanting to see you for a while now, Just have been too hesitant to pull the trigger since it has been a while and I am quite nervous and shy.

    1. Will work on that

  2. I love reading your thoughts and insights.

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