In Case Of Emergency

If you were visiting a escort and suddenly you began experiencing a medical emergency what would you want the provider to do? I’m not sure what type of emergency, but maybe you have heart issues or diabetes…

How serious must it be for the provider to call 911?  I’m talking something that must be handled at a hospital..asap.  

For instance…

Can I call 911?

Would you want me to leave the room when the paramedics arrive so nobody saw a woman in the room or would you want me to stay?

What a scary thought huh?

Clients are usually more concerned that their wife will learn they have visited an escort than getting robbed in some way. That seems to be the number one concern besides law enforcement.  The question is would you put your life at risk to hide your secret?

Which is why I wanted to touch on this subject with you guys. 

This scenario is exactly why I don’t allow clients to bind my hands or feet.  I can think of several things that could go wrong so no thank you. Even though just thinking of it has me wet. Heck just typing that turned me on. Lol. Just gotta have  trust and a escape plan if something goes wrong? There is a movie in the theater that uses that plot.  A wife and husband are flirting with bondage and loving it.  They have installed straps to the bed. In the middle of some hot and heavy sex the man has a heart attack. Now she is stuck to the bed and cannot escape. I won’t tell you the end but it’s a pretty good movie is you like suspense.

I hope everyone has an awesome New Years Eve. Whether that means, a night on the town or a cozy night in. Let’s hope 2022 will be fruitfull and you will all get as many blow jobs as your heart’s desire.  You deserve it.  Just don’t forget to return the favor. 

Below in the comments please take moment to tell me what you would want me to do if you were experiencing some kind of medical emergency. 

2 thoughts on “In Case Of Emergency

  1. Great insight. I have often thought about this. A medical emergency could potentially happen anytime. While discretion is important, a serious medical emergency that requires a call to 911 should be without question. As medical help arrives perhaps it would be proper for you to leave since you may not be able to answer questions about the person. I would think it really depends on the client. Happy New Year to you!

  2. I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate how you refrain from bondage play even though it turns you on out of practical considerations. I think that that is admirable, and instructive.

    It is also good that you are thinking about the practical aspects of life, and how our sexual escapades and fantasies are contingent, or dependent upon circumstances which are beyond our control.
    I like how you maintain that mental outlook and equilibrium.

    Wishing you all the best for the New Year Jo.

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