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Im officially with a home.   Unfortunately, it’s not in Louisville.  It’s about an hour and thirty minutes away.  It’s not a mansion, but it’s not even a quarter mile from the river.  Large front porch fully covered and screened in.  It has a water pump so no water bill.  Huge yard, mile long gravel drive way with camera to catch photo of driver and then in a few more feet a camera to get the license plate.   Feels safe even though im the only one that stays through the winter.

Thank you to everyone that has offered support in any way. That includes a kind word here or there.

So if you want an appointment you have to provide the spot unless it’s one of the days every week that I rent a room. There’s always out call. So let me know if you want to spend some time together.

7 thoughts on “News Finally

  1. Hello, I recently joined your blog hoping to gain more insight into the hobby. I know that this is not one of your services and may not even be the place to ask these questions. I have noticed a good many provider ads mention car visits or dates. Where do these encounters take place? Does the provider supply the vehicle or the client? And are the services limited to certain pleasures?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Have to think about that. I haven’t done that before. Please text or email me

  2. Congratulations, you definitely deserve every good thing that comes your way

  3. Do you do in call from your new location? And congratulations !

    1. Once a week and thank you. Usually Wednesday

  4. Best of luck
    I’m rutting for you girl you got this

    Adoption offer is still open

  5. I am so happy that you found a place. I know how hard this search has been. Congratulations!

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