What Does A Session Look Like Now

You’re probably wondering what a session looks like now that I’m in-between homes.  Ive been wondering the exact same thing.    To be honest I havent had a successful session under these circumstances.  However I did have a visit with one of my amazing friends that blessed me with a very generous donation. 

Not to mention a special friend or two who’ve helped. To you all i say thank you. Unfortunately I need someone willing to rent to me. I dont think im going to do incalls at my next apt, if they even is another place.

I can do outcalls to existing clients at either their place or if they are willing to pay for a room. Then I could possibly work from that room the rest of the day in order to make some money. Apartments want an application fee of as much as 75 and if you dont qualify they keep the 75. Ive spent over 1k on applications that didnt get approved. Now im practically broke and have zero to show for the 1k i wasted on applications.

Theres got to be a better way. Otherwise i am going to sink and sink fast. I dont want to go back to hotels or to my ex but damn its looking pretty bleak. Dont worry ill make it one way or another. Otherwise i may as well go buy a tent and see how much they charge down in tent city for an application fee.

Im sorry things are so complicated. I have no idea why this has happened when I paid rent on time everytime, but someone out there decided it would be fun to contact the manager and sent her my ads. Needless to say thats about all it took. Which in this day and age is not hard imagine.

If i ever get blessed again to escape homeless im just not bringing work home. Its just too risky. Life is hard enough. All i need is some jerk getting his kicks from me living in some tent some where.

Ive got a month to stay here and after that im on the street or homeless shelter. So im sorry if we’ve been unable to meet. I truly wish the best for all of you. You all deserve love, passion, happiness and blowjobs!

Say a prayer for me amd if you wish to offer support you can do so at
Paypal joann.millerx2@gmail.com. Social Manage is name on account or http://www.paytreon.com/workinggirlky

My email is workinggirlky@gmail.com

Phone 5026101931-

Thank you

8 thoughts on “What Does A Session Look Like Now

    1. I’m not sure but I am in need and I would like to help you as well. I can’t have you to my house unless you can talk my wife into it lol. I definitely miss your touch though and if you need some general assistance I’m happy to help, aside from services. I have been searching everyone I know with rentals, no vacancy. Maybe I could give you stress relief Anyway if you have any ideas for an appointment or need something else holler at me please.

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      1. A hotel, i could put in my name


      2. We’ll have to get together and pick a day, soon.


  1. Needs to chat with you about housing

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  2. While I completely understand your situation. I guess I’m just struggling with it because it is going to count my out now. I’ve been wanting to schedule some time with you too. Honestly I wish you the best. I’ll continue to pray for you. You’ll come out on top I’m sure of it!

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