Time to Update

Ive been on a long road since I escaped  from my abusive husband.  We were together since middle school.  Ive had lots of ups and downs along the way, which everyone has.  After being homeless for a little over a year in November 2020 I was finally able to get into an apartment.

What a wonderful day it was to no longer be scared constantly  that I would be thrown into the streets if I didnt have enough money to pay. In just six of those months I spent 40,000. So the pressure was unbearable at times.

I was one of the lucky ones though thanks to all of you. I had a group of people that truly wanted to see me succeed and were willing to go the extra mile to help me whenever I needed a little help even all the times I needed ALOT of help. Every time you came through for me.

Again, I am one of the lucky ones to have the supportive friendships this blog has made possible People in Countries all over the world have read my blog and tell me that it has helped them in some fashion. I cant imagine how I helped but how cool is that?

Being an escort has been such a blessing in my life. My time with my clients is almost always wonderful. The attention is great but what I really enjoy is making a man that doesnt feel desired feel desired. I love to cuddle with the guy that hasnt been cuddled in forever. I get to give passion to men that have zero passion happening in their lives. I could go on and on.

So with the good there is always bad. I lost my wonderful apartment after being found out by management. Apparently not everyone believes escorting is a needed service. So i was given the boot. As you can imagine Im right back in a pickle. I wasnt evicted i was asked to leave and so I am. Todays my last day.

Im not going to a hotel to scape by. Im going to stay with a friend I met right here on this blog. The only problem is Im not going to be able to provide incalls all the time until I get my new place. Im staying way out in the country in Westport KY. I may rent an airbnb once or twice.a week and share those available times and locations as soon as I know.

If you have been wanting to see me but just want outcall get in touch. I may be giving that another chance. So even if you’ve asked before and got a no, it may be a yes now. It would be great if I get over my fear of outcalls. There seems to be a large number of guys out there that for whatever reason they require outcall Only that struggle to find someone.

So after today I wont have an incall location unless I rent an airbnb. Ill be posting all available dates here and available dates and locations on: Patreon. If you would like to offer support you can through the patreon link below or my Paypal is 5025374802 Social manage is the name on the account.


If you use are a Patreon supporter of mine you will receive my availability earlier, along with location. Also if you are a Patreon supporter you get all kinds of benefits including discounts for sessions.

Wish me luck friends. This is going to be another hurdle. If any of you own a house you rent out or an apt you wouldn’t mind renting to someone who will always pay on time and might throw in a little naughtiness for your kindness. Please let me know.

Love you all…

email me at workinggirlky@gmail.com or

text me at 5026101931


2 thoughts on “Time to Update

  1. So sorry, Jo Ann….life takes us strange places on the way to the new goodness.

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    1. Yes it does. I loved the loft style apartment but it was like there werent walls between apts.. I could hear my neighbors peeing. So imagine how well my business fit into the paper thin walls. Screaming orgasms and dirty talk were probably a bit much for my square neighbors. The woman above me spilled something and it came through the ceiling of my place.


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