Have You Had The Sex Talk With The Woman You Want To Marry?

Are you thinking about popping the question to the woman in your life?  If so there are some obvious subjects the two of you need to discuss before commiting to spending the rest of your lives together. 

1. Do you want kids? How many? Will you spank or do timeout?

2. Will you both work full time?

3. Where will you live?

Those as just a few, but what about the subjects noone tells you to talk about?  What about sex? Seven out of ten married men say that their sex lives are inadequate.  Six out of ten married men say that sex is him pleasuring himself while his wife lays there or there is no sex at all.  These aren’t just married men in their seventies.  We are talking married men in their thirties, forties, fifties, and so on. 

It’s not just sex either, it’s intimacy all together.  As a sex worker you would think all of my clients are after intercourse, blow jobs or whatever act you define as sex, but you wouldn’t be all together correct.  Recently I added new nonsexual Services to accommodate the many guys that want other things.  They are starved for touch period.  Cuddling, massage and believe it or not conversation.

The question you need to ask yourself is are you going to be okay with your wife deciding that she is no longer interested in sex at thirty, forty, or even sixty?  Are you okay with her making that decision for both of you?

This won’t happen to you though because your woman loves sex, right? Hopefully, but it’s quite common for women to be into sex when dating only to do a one eighty after kids or if she puts on a little weight.  (Be sure if she does gain weight NEVER EVER remark about it or comment on other people who are overweight because she will NEVER forget EVERY comment you EVER make and think it pertains to her regardless if it does or not.)

Women often gain weight with age and childbirth so give her a break.    If you don’t you will undoubtedly ruin any chance of your wife feeling confident in the bedroom and confidence is what she must have if you want to have a healthy sex life together.

Recently a gentleman sent me a note after I posted on Reddit about the subject. I found it right on the mark.

Message from Reddit Follower

He raises an important point and that is the marital contract.  We don’t often think in those terms but we should.  Just like women should talk to their husbands about issues that are import to them, men must do the same.  Intimacy has got to be one of the more important issues in a relationship.  If sex is withheld that is how you get into infidelity and noone wants that.

So if you listen to anything I ever tell you listen now and have a talk with your would be wife before entering into marriage.  It might be the most important conversation that you ever have.  Make sure she understands that for you sex isn’t a want it is a need.  Tell her that you don’t want to get married unless she agrees to keeping sex alive in your marriage.  Tell her that it’s important because if she doesn’t it will put the marriage in serious jeopardy. You don’t want to live a sexless life and you don’t want to look for sex outside of the marriage.  Even though you can’t imagine stepping out on her now it won’t be as hard after a year or two of hit and miss boring sex or no sex at all. 

We’ve all heard people talk about longing for the early days of their relationship.  If only things were the way they use to be people say, well it can be if you keep your sex life a priority.  You must do your part too by always making your wife feel like she is the most beautiful woman in every room and tell her that you wouldn’t change anything about her. 

This works both ways too. If she wants sex give it to her Everytime.  Not just wham bam thank you mame either.  Full on foreplay and if she hasn’t had an orgasm then it’s not time for you to have one either.  If you aren’t comfortable giving oral to your wife, google it and practice, practice, practice.  It will be the best learning experience of your life.  Sex is for both of you to enjoy and never forget it.

Sex only takes an hour at the most  and she will enjoy it if you give it your all.  

If you’ve already walked down the aisle don’t fret there is still hope.  Take your wife out to dinner and explain to her that something has to change.

Explain to her that you’ve found yourself looking at ads for sex workers out of desperation and you knew you had to put on the breaks and tell her what withholding sex has made you consider.  Tell her that withholding sex is abusive and if she doesn’t love you enough to have sex you should split up.  Even if she has a medical issue that she says makes sex painful she can still give you a blowjob.  There is no excuse for cutting sex out of your life completely.

To be continued…

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  1. Just read your article. Lady you are SPOT ON. It seems that we have a tendency as humans to slip into a state of complacency and stick our heads in the sand and tell ourselves that the problem will fix itself. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.
    YOU GO GIRL!!!! See ya Tuesday at 10.

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