New Services Offered

If I have learned anything during this journey with you it’s that there are many different needs when it comes to the business of companionship. Some guys want more then the services that I list and don’t know that I offer those as well. So here goes.

One Week / Daily Contact- 100

Texting back and forth daily and a phone call three phone calls lasting 15 minutes or longer but not to exceed 20 minutes.

Three Days A Week Contact- 50

Texting back and forth all three days and one phone call lasting 15 minutes or longer but not to exceed 20 minutes.

One Day Contact – 25

Texting back and forth throughout the day and a ten minute phone call.

Cuddling Only

30 min – 75 incall / outcall 100

Spooning or however you like to cuddle.

15 min – 50 incall/outcall – 75

Spooning or however you like cuddling

Venting In Person

60 min – 75 incall / outcall 100
Conversation only

30 min – 50 incall / outcall 75 Conversation only

Anyone considering marriage needs to have a serious conversation with their would be wife about what sex looks like once they are married, after they have kids, when they fight, what if she doesn’t want to, is she willing to be adventurous at 20 years? What about 40?

You should explain that it is a deal breaker if she is not willing to commit to keeping sex in your lives even if she would rather not sometimes. All within reason of course. You should explain that in order to keep your relationship warm and fresh sex is a must and denying it is a form of abuse.

I will help you prepare for this conversation and make sure you approach it confidently so that later down the road there can be no misunderstanding of what is expected. Or you can wing it and start saving now for all the providers you will need to keep you somewhat satisfied. It’s up to you.

You guys are important to me and I want to offer anything that supports any need you have.


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