Long Time No See

Hey guys, it’s been a bit since I stopped in and I wanted to say HI.  Forgive me for not engaging as much lately.   I was going through some stuff but I think I am going to be okay.  If you’ve tried contacting me and haven’t been able or I didn’t get back to you try again. 

I needed to go back and read my journey to remember that most of the people I’ve met down this road have been a great, everyday people. Then there’s some exceptional ones and a couple jack asses. The odds sound pretty good. So here I am. I’m back to do lots of naughty stuff if I’m lucky WITH YOU.

I miss you guys. I have made some amazing connections here and your kindness and generosity are unbelievable, but… it’s the honest to God relationships that keep me coming back. You are important to me. This community has made me so much more confident. I’m rambling.  You guys get it, Lol.

The contest was great and all of your stories were so good that I’m doing another one. You can leave the story you already entered or submit another one. This one will be announced the third of May.

Not only do you get a free session but sexy pics, sexy video and you get to choose the subject or what you want me to do. Plus 50 dollars off every session you book for three months. Wow, big stakes and only 9 competitors at this time.

Thank you to all that entered and for all those amazing stories. The winner of this last contest is deciding whether he wants his story published.


If you want to join please go to http://www.patreon.com/workinggirlky and offer your support for a chance to win .


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