Cock Rings, Cock Rings, and Cock Rings

If you have any concerns about erectile disfunction look into the cock ring.  All it takes is for you to get at least half hard and you put the cock ring on and it takes you the rest of the way to rock solid.  Just look below at the different types.

There’s several different types.

What we have here today as a topic that is something I truly believe in.  You are in for quite a treat.  Many of my clients struggle with erectile disfunction.  Some suffer sometimes and others have chronic issues. Erectile Disfunction can be caused by medication for blood pressure but not for everyone.  Guys with diabetes seem to struggle often as well. 

In my experience cock rings are my favorite approach.  At first I stayed away from cock rings in general, as I didn’t know much about them and I feared the whole blood flow constriction thing.

Boy, was I mistaken.

In this blog, I will try to go as deep as I can in the fascinating and incredible world of cock rings and teach you everything you need to know about them.

There is plenty to go around when it comes to the glorious cock rings that we have on the market today.

So please sit back, relax and try to enjoy this guide as much as I enjoyed making it!

What is and what does a cock ring do?

What is and what does a cock ring do you might ask, but I would ask you, in the realm of sexual pleasure, what doesn’t it do?

The very act of putting on a cock ring should make you horny. Seeing your dick getting bigger by the second as soon as you put it on will give you an incredible feeling of might and power.

Your cock getting rock hard and dripping pre-cum will make your significant other drop their jaw by just looking at it. And that are just the ones that go over your dick.

Enough of my personal experience, let’s talk general stuff now. The cock ring is a circular band that wraps around your Johnson and traps blood in it, causing bigger and harder erections.

In addition, a cock ring can help you to delay ejaculation, increase sensitivity, make your erections last longer and take your orgasms to a whole new level.

There is a vast variety of different cock rings, depending on what you need and want from it.

Materials used in making cock rings can be very different also – silicone, metal, leather, rubber, plastic, or even rope ( rope being a bit unconventional). Styles of cock rings can be plentiful, vibrating, adjustable, stretchy and flexible (or not), for couples, or even anal play, whatever rocks your boat.

I hope I caught your attention because we are going into every material and style in the detailed description later on.

What cock ring size are you?

Picking the right cock ring size is essential for having a great time using it, but it is nothing to be feared. Most of them are stretchy anyway so they shouldn’t be a bother to use, however the rigid ones made from solid materials can be a little tricky.

The main thing is to measure your penis’ girth. You can do this by putting your fingers around your erect woody and measure the diameter, or you can use a flexible and soft meter like the one tailors use if you want to get precise results.

Both methods are fine as it is not an exact science, you just need to make sure it doesn’t restrict the blood flow too much because that can lead to pain or injuries.

Types of cock ring

Adjustable – if you are a bit afraid of using a cock ring you should try and get an adjustable one for your first run.

The benefit of using an adjustable cock ring is that you can set the tightness yourself. You can loosen or tighten to your preferences.

The concept of adjustable cock rings is that it has a soft loop that can go both ways for tightening and loosening the grip it has on your dick.

Be careful though, as you don’t want to tighten it too much. Take your time and slowly tighten the loop until you have the right feeling for it.

From there you just make little adjustments to maximize your experience.

Vibrating – if your lady or man (whatever rocks your boat) wants or needs vibrators in their life, then this kind is perfect for you. Not only will it stimulate their most intimate parts but it will also make your sexual pleasure much greater.

The benefits of vibrating cock rings are numerous but depend on their style. A variety of vibrating patterns and different intensities give you a lot of options you can choose from. But don’t forget that not all of them are that diverse – there are some that have only one vibrating pattern or intensity.

You can get one that comes in direct contact with the clit during deeper penetration and enhance your partner’s orgasms, in turn, you will feel like a human vibrator pleasing your woman in such a way.

The vibrations will enhance your feeling and orgasms as well, shaking the root of your dick that a client said you will feel all the way to the prostate.

If you dont own a vibrator get you butt in gear and buy one.  Of course you can buy one online but Louisville has a couple great adult shops and the people there working are well versed in all things sex.  They can direct you to exactly the toy, that you need.

Anal play cock rings – I guess you can imagine where this is going… we all know that the glands in your anus lead to the prostate and some pretty wild things can happen if you stimulate it properly.

These kinds of cock rings can give you exactly that. On one end there is a dick ring and on the other, there is a ball-shaped rigid object that goes into your butt and can make way for a fantastic sensation. Don’t forget to lube up and you are ready to go!

Metal – if you ever used a metal cock ring, you know what I’m talking about. If u didn’t let me tell you that when you try it you will always go back to it.

The metal is cold and if that’s your cup of tea it will deliver, but you can always warm it up in your hand before putting it on.

The rigid form of a metal cock ring firmly grasps your dick and allows little to no wiggle-room, giving you all the best from sexual intercourse. It is also stylish and best looking on your dick in my opinion.

Silicone – as you can imagine, silicone cock rings are the most popular and abundant on the market but that doesn’t make them any less great.

These rings are made to be soft, flexible and stretchy, which means that they will easily wrap around your penis and apply gentle pressure at first, but as your dick gets harder, the pressure will naturally grow accordingly.

They are easier to put on and remove than metal rings but try to trim your pubic hairs as the silicone may twist and pull them, and we all know that sort of pain…

For couples – not all cock rings are exclusively for men and these types of cock rings prove that. They are designed and made specifically for couples and enjoyment of both parties during sex.

They can be vibrating, non-vibrating, and all sorts of shapes and sizes, so be sure to check them out!

Putting a cock ring on wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be.

My clients cock started getting hard by itself, almost helped up by the strength and tension the cock ring had provided.

It was a sight to behold. A man who two sessions in a roll was unable to get hard enough for penetration was suddenly fully erect.

You don’t believe me?

Give it a go and be sure to leave your impressions below.

Bring one to your next session with me or whoever is lucky enough for you to choose them.


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  1. I appreciate your effort on researching and sharing information that is very pertinent to many including me. Diabetes and several medications prescribed for other issues along with aging has left me a point where erection and ejaculation are very uncertain. All information is helpful.
    Thank you

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