What I Havent Told You

When I created this blog I did it to communicate with potential clients better. It was created with no belief that anyone would ever click the link and read what I had to say. After all, why would anyone care about my point of view on a subject I was just learning about myself?

What I haven't told you. Photo of workinggirlky

I began to feel a connection to those who followed the blog and in time I began writing about me and not just the business. Writing about the real me. I was sharing things most escorts dont share with their clients.

Personal things came out because I felt a connection to my clients. I believe that would be clients deserve to know where a person is at in their mind and life when making such a serious decision with such high possible consequences. Whether you choose me or another provider either way is okay with me as long as you are more knowledgeable about how to stay safe and ensure the best possible experience for you and the provider of your choice.

Then I started to worry that I was sharing too much personal stuff and that you all didnt care about what was going on in my life. I thought I needed to stop being so honest. I think I was wrong.

The reason I’ve been asking for support is that I was attacked and robbed recently by a client. It pains me to say that because 99% of my clients are intelligent, kind, upstanding, and enjoyable men. Just saying a client did what he put me through and took what he took from me is hard, because clients get such a bad rap.

Hurting me physically is one thing but he hurt my confidence. I’m scared to make appointments and its hurting me. I’m doing my best to work through it and I am seeing some clients. Figured I owed it to you to explain what is happening.

If you enjoy the blog and can help out with a donation. You can go to. www.patreon.com/workinggirlky there you can access more content from me and help offer support at the same time. If you would rather use PayPal you can find my account under my number 5026101931. The account name is Social Manage ( my social media marketing account ) Figured that would be better than a personal PayPal.

If you cannot help out it’s okay. Your kind words and your visiting my blog is a form of support too.

Either way I thank all of you.

To those that have already helped, you are truly a gift to my life . Thank you again.

If you have any questions please ask.


4 thoughts on “What I Havent Told You

  1. Top of the morning to you Ms. JoAnn, I have thourghly enjoyed reading your blog, rules, about you ect. I was so sorry to hear about your terrible encounter with that horrible person who took so much from you. This is the first time I’ve ever been to an escort site and, by the graces of God,I have found you. Im going to text you and set up an appointment but first thing, going to join your Patrons site and give you a little help there each month. I am so excited to meet you and hopefully get this, new found friendship started.

    1. Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me that I am able to positively touch others positively. I can’t wait to meet you either.

  2. We haven’t met before but I’m really sorry about what happened to you. I enjoy you blog very much and I’m going to send a donation..

    1. Thank you for your kindness.

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