Happy Late Valentine’s

My Valentine’s Day was like every other Valentine’s Day.  I was sad, lonely, and wondering when or if I will ever experience Valentine’s Day the way its intended. 

I know, I know, Valentine’s Day is just a trick to get consumers to buy gifts, chocolates, and splurge on fancy dinner dates where the lucky girls get a sexy piece of REAL jewelry, not the kind that turns your skin green. 

Just once I would like to feel what that would be like.  The jewelry part isnt set in stone.  If I felt desired, and special one Valentine’s Day I would be satisfied.

My ex didnt buy gifts for me.  Mothers Day was for his mom, my birthday was just another day, and even my favorite holiday, Christmas, never found a gift under the tree for me.  Not a single gift, despite the lengths i went to make every holiday special in our home.

I hope any of you reading this that are attached didn’t treat their partners this way.  It hurts, even now.

Enough whinning, I hope you had wonderful Valentine’s Days with your spouses which included lots of blow jobs. Before or after you enjoyed an amazing dessert while Dining At The Y. That would make me happy if you did. 

All of you.

1 thought on “Happy Late Valentine’s

  1. I spent mine the same way even though I had someone in the house with me. It’s not just the cards or gifts it’s also the feeing of being wanted.

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