Will A Escort See Me If I’m Overweight

Updated 02.10.21

It’s easy to get nervous when thinking about approaching someone to spend intimate time with. Then throw in that you’ve never met them and they dont have any clue about who you are or what you look like. So you start picking yourself apart and wonder if you should share that you are overweight or that you haven’t been intimate in 10 years?

Will an escort see me if I’m overweight. If you will worry about it if you dont then by all means go for it.

We would rather see guys who are obese, extremely skinny, older, younger, suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. If they have unusual penis dimensions. There are those who are circumcised or arent circumcised.

Some clients have had disabilities, permanent scars, little sexual experience, no confidence, married, never married, born female and lots of other types. There has been really handsome good clients too. People think all clients have something wrong with them…I don’t know about you but every one I know has something wrong with them including me.

I enjoy them all because they were kind, clean, and respectful. If you are those things I will enjoy you. As a matter of fact you will be in the favorite client list.

If you try to get a discount, try not to pay me, send dick pics and ask questions like, can I throat fuck you until you throw up and then cum in your mouth? ( Hell NO ) If you arrive unclean, barring disabilities in which case let’s jump in the shower and I’ll help you with the tough to reach spots)

If you hurt me and dont seem to care or have a disrespectful attitude toward me then you are the kind of client no escort wants to spend time with.

A overweight, short, bald ( I love bald ) inexperienced, clean, kind, considerate client with burns on his body is my choice client EVERYTIME over a stinky, rich, confident, super model type.

I’m much more turned on by how good you make me feel about myself then a clients cheek bones or hair. There is beauty to be found in everyone when they are beautiful on the inside.

If I do my job correctly you will feel much more desirable when I walk you to the door then you did when you entered it. That is one of my goals anyway. It’s the least we can do when every one of you make me feel good about myself. The best clients do anyway. There is nothing sexier than being desired.

Hygiene is the number one thing you need to concern yourself with besides being a gentleman.   If you arent circumcised please pull the foreskin back on your penis and wash it thoroughly with soap.  A good rule of thumb is to take your hand and touch all the places you hope your provider will come in contact with and smell your hand. 

How does it smell?  Touch the crevices and folds too.  You need a fresh shower before visiting.  Ask her if you’re coming from work if you may use hers.  She may or may not allow you. Just make sure you are fresh and clean. If not you probably will be asked to leave without refund.

Click here to read article about cleaning down there.

I usually allow them to return at a later date at a substantial discount. That is not how all providers operate though.

Gentleman or not read the entire ad that the provider posted. Everything written there is important information for anyone wanting to spend time with her. That is why she took the time to include it. Ask if she has a blog or website and go read as much of that as you can. There you will find the answers to everything you want to know

What is important is how you approach her.  First impressions are everything when reaching out to a provider.  Simply saying hi, how are you is how you fall between the cracks into obscurity with the other hundred guys that didnt take the time to consider what information was important.  

You can say hi, how are you, along with my name is Jeff, I’m 58 and caucasian.  I’m new to this but I would like more info. Im interested in tomorrow evening after 6pm.  Do you have a website or a set of rules I need to proceed?

That way the provider knows who you are, when you want the appointment as well as the opportunity to send you any rules or expectations.

The moral of this post is that we enjoy you regardless of all the things you think would keep us from wanting to get to know you. We are professionals and we are capable of enjoying men of all shapes and sizes as long as they are respectful.

Respect that’s what it’s all about.


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  1. Do you mind if a client is hairy? Some of us overweight fellas, and older fellas are totally unfamiliar or unable to “manscape”.

    1. No I dont mind

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