Still A Virgin

Not sure what is going on but the past couple weeks I have gotten numerous requests from young men to take their virginity. This is a complicated issue for me. It’s a serious moment in everyone’s life. I dont want to ruin that for someone.

Note to anyone wishing to pay for their first sexual experience.

I get the logic in losing your virginity to a professional, dont get me wrong. The guy just wants to get the deed done so he can hang up his V card once and for all. Then no one can call him a damn virgin ever again. Plus with a professional you may even learn a thing or two…in theory any way.

I get it but what about the right of passage we have all endure that is lost if they choose this route.

What about the life lessons learned when done the old fashioned way?

The amount of character built while enduring the chase, the inevitable rejections, and the strength that getting up and trying again brings.

How about the clumsy fumbles that blossom into confidence? Last but not least the celebration of winning and the thrill when it happens and it will?

That’s the stuff memories are made of, right?

If a guy uses a provider the first time what’s going to keep him from using one next time? Could you see this being an issue?

Tell me how you feel in the comments please.

I try not to see anyone under 30 so that rule should weed those clients out but I wonder what the weight of guys losing their virginity to professionals might be on their lives long term.

I would love to get feed back from you.

If a 30 year old asked I dont know…what do you guys think?

Did any of you lose you virginity this way if so please tell us how it was for you then and if you have any regrets now what are they?

Can’t wait to get your feedback on this subject. Comment under this post, or email



4 thoughts on “Still A Virgin

  1. The flip side to this is some guys, and I know, because I was one, have built up losing their virginity to such a fever pitch that the desperation keeps them from being able to seal the relationship deal. Once I finally managed to lose mine it became less of a big deal, thus allowing me to actually display attractive qualities.

    I totally get not wanting to interfere with this/these guys special moment. In my case it was a burden I needed relieved. Maybe you’re right and they’d come to regret it, but I doubt I would’ve.

    1. I totally understand. It’s a sensitive time in a guys life If you dont mind my asking, how did you end up losing yours?

      1. A mutual friend set me up on a date with a girl eight years my senior who was being driven crazy by the pounding of her biological clock. She was a nice girl but beyond ready to settle down. I knew from my first experience with sex that I wanted an awful lot more. We didn’t last long, I was 22.

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