Subscriptions Now Available

Update, Patreon page has been approved and is now available for you to subscribe if you so wish. Again, thank you all.

Do you follow my site regularly and wish you could make an appointment but you live out of state? How about offering a little support anyway by subscribing to my Patreon page for more content. Now you can learn more about me and see new photos, blog entries, audio and more.

I hope to spend time with you over at

You dont have to live out of town. Heck you probably have met me but enjoy catching up with what’s happening here in between sessions.

Maybe you are just sweet and wished you had a way to offer a little support from a distance.

Here’s your chance.

Click this link to sign up

More info coming soon

PATREON is reviewing my page to ensure it fits their parameters. …scary thought. They say they allow adult content with in reason. I dont know if I’m within reason, probably not. Let’s just hope the use bots and not humans to make that determination. I will keep you posted.

5 thoughts on “Subscriptions Now Available

  1. The page has been approved and is up and running.

    1. I already joined it thanks pretty

  2. Yes they are approving it I guess.

  3. Guess your still working on it. Either that or I am just incapable of finding it.

    1. The page has been approved and is up and running.

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