Stop Judging Us, We Aren’t What You Think

Updated 02.10.21

I’m a provider but you can call me a prostitute if you want. I am not ashamed of what I do. I AM A SEX WORKER and that is what prostitutes do.

You use that word or any other awful name you think describes people like me like a weapon. Something to put me in my place but my place might be closer to you than you want to believe.

I do business with clients not John’s and  I don’t have a pimp.

Yes, some of us struggle with addiction but addiction can be found in all professions. The good news is they can and do recover.  It’s not for you to pass judgment.

We call ourselves providers because we provide a much needed service. That service isnt to perverts or sex crazed men but to good upstanding people in the community. Our clients are fathers, sons, brothers, uncles and your friends.

Dont call us sluts, we might like it. We are mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, and your friends. Yes many providers come from broken homes and some of us have daddy issues but that isn’t a despicable trait. Those experiences make us stronger.   It definitely doesn’t make us unworthy of respect. 

We dont do this job because we are too stupid to get a 9 to 5.  Many leave high level positions to work solely as an provider. The work is much more rewarding.   Bringing life back into a man’s life can be heart warming and the rewards both monetarily and mentally are never ending when a provider and client are properly matched.

Our clients aren’t too ugly to find a little action, most are  married.  They are handsome enough and successful enough to date but have enough sense and respect to know a girlfriend is a bigger betrayal.  Girlfriends want to be wives one day.  Which leads to jealousy and the girlfriend gets hurt.  Hurt girlfriends often lash out by throwing the husband under the bus by informing his wife of the relationship.   Now everyone is hurt.  So girlfriends are far too risky.

Providers want their clients relationship to blossom.  They hope to relieve the tension that inevitably occurs in marriages where intimacy is a thing of the past. Our clients love their wives unfortunately it’s all too common for women to lose interest in sex when husbands rarely do.  Still, he doesn’t want to leave her, he just needs relief.

Intimacy is a need not a want for men.   Women dont realize that.  Providers give intimacy and their clients can drop the resentments and enjoy all the wonderful things about his partner.

Our clients provide for their families, spend time with their families and hold jobs in all the fields you think are above spending time with the likes of women like me.

So call us whatever makes you feel better about yourself and pray that you or a loved one does not ever find themselves in a position of have to when it comes to sex work but a position of Damn I’m Lucky.

14 thoughts on “Stop Judging Us, We Aren’t What You Think

  1. Hi. I’ve sometimes used the word “Prostitute” in my writings. I’m sorry if this should be hurtful to anyone engaged in the profession. The word does carry negative connotations, sometimes signifying one who sells their moral integrity, as well as their body. While I can’t say that I’ll never use the word again, I will give it more thought before doing so.

    Hoping this meets you well.

    1. I wish I could say one way or the other what is right and what is what wrong here. My mind tells me not to do things I’m ashamed of so why allow a word that for years does describe a piece of what I do harm me. I should stand tall an in the knowledge that what I do is so much more than that one word suggests. It may just be one of those words we throw around not understanding the harm that it is capable of doing like using the m word for little people. Then again this is a choice I make and they arent given a choice. It’s alot to consider and suddenly I dont feel equipped to speak for so many that the subject affects.

  2. Ok Marshall is one of the best people I have encountered in my life. After reading my blog he decided he would like to give me a gift to help me get into an apt. He was touched by my circumstances. So he asked if he could come by. I didn’t believe that was all he wanted but by God he showed up and handed me enough to do a session or two, told me he enjoyed my blog and wanted me to keep my head up. He got back into car and left. Then a few days later I was in a bind and he came and helped me out of it. We went to dinner that night and still talk regularly. Never has he been anything but a complete gentleman. For the record

    1. Dear Joann
      You are too kind , and give me too much credit . Your blog , and your kindness has done more for me than I have for you !
      Thank you !!!

  3. Thank you Marshall. Marshal and I have met also.

  4. eu·phe·mism

    noun: euphemism; plural noun: euphemisms

    a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.

    Learn to pronounce
    noun: prostitute; plural noun: prostitutes

    a person, in particular a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment.

    Quite mincing words and own what you do. There’s nothing wrong with two consenting adults exchanging money for sex. But, trying to cloak the business in euphemisms for whatever reason is intellectually dishonest and not better than the fawning, fanboys who tell you what you want to hear to your face but say something else as soon as they leave the room.

    1. You are right. I stand corrected a s I think I will even reword my post. Thank you. Your words made me prouder than my own. Honesty is always the way to go.

    2. Dear Sid

      I would say that I am indeed a fan, but I am consistent. I don’t tell her what I think she wants to hear then speak differently behind her back!

      You can put whatever title you want on her , I’m not skilled with words to the level you are , and you are entitled to your opinion, but seeing as how I have not had sex with her and yet she has been nothing but kind and generous towards me I stand by my initial judgment of her being simply an amazing Woman .

      1. Wait was he talking about you? I thought he was saying in general. Please explain that you are not a client. You’re extra special

      2. Without getting too abstract, there’s nothing wrong with sex work. Labeling it with euphemisms like “provider” or “escort,” makes it seem like there is something wrong with it and that we need to sugar coat what’s actually going on. I don’t believe that we should.I also don’t believe one’s avocation has very much to do with what kind of person they are. Cheers Marshall!

  5. I was involved in the ‘hobby’ from 1986 to 2016 as a client. My wife of 34 years was a call-girl (provider). My experience was limited to high-end providers.

    Most people (including many clients) have no idea what it takes to be a successful, long-term provider. It takes an exceptional lady to make it in the high-end market. Here are some tidbits of information about HIGH-END providers that many people don’t realize:

    – Most of these providers are in the gym by 6:00am 5-6 days a week.
    – Most have a bachelor’s degree. Some have a Master’s Degree, or a doctorate.
    – Nearly all speak at least two languages.
    – Many make far more money than their clients.
    – Most ore great money managers.
    – Many have substantial assets.
    – They are providers by choice – not of necessity.
    – Many only have 8-10 clients and these clients are frequent “regulars’.
    – Most of these providers at this level only have 3-4 ‘dates’ a week.
    – The provider/client relationship is very close even though it’s all business.
    – For every 1 hour spent with a client, the provider spent at least 2 hours in preparation.

    I absolutely cherished my time in the hobby. My providers were business professionals and close friends. I still hear from two of them regularly even though I moved out of the country and haven’t had a ‘date’ with them in 9 years.

    I appreciate your post and highly respect your profession.

    1. I’m probably not as high end as you lady was but thank you for your kind and true words.

  6. Dear Joann,

    I think in this case I may have to go against your wishes ! I think I will judge you , as I have traveled extensively and have ran across all walks of life I can usually tell people’s character rather quickly . And after having conversations with you, and meeting you a couple of times I have no doubt my judgement of you is accurate.

    Your ability to leave a surpressed unhealthy relationship with very limited resources & minimal to no support system at the time shows incredible strength, and determination found in few .

    To start a blog , and to be able to market your services without any prior training or knowledge shows your vast creativity and intelligence.

    I believe my favorite part though is seeing the amazing smile on your face , and the twinkle in your eyes sitting across from you sharing a meal shows your compassion for others , and your honest caring nature, all of wich leads me to the obvious conclusion that you are an absolutely amazing woman that it is my honor to know !!!

    1. The honor is mine . Anytime you want I’m here

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