What Turns You On

People have all kinds of turn ons. None of which are better than others as long as it is between two consenting adults. If nobody is getting hurt in the process then I say have at it.  There are no bad fantasies there are just fantasies. 

Some guys and gals try to tell me they dont have fantasies and I always call bullshit.  All it takes to find out what Turns you on is look at your  porn history.  Not the stuff you look at with someone else.  I’m talking the stuff you do when no one is watching.  That is your hot button.

It’s okay if you find it in the taboo side of porn.  That is where I find mine.  Fantasies are just that sometimes.  We don’t want to act on every fantasy we have.  It’s common for women to be turned on by the thought of being a little man handled when it comes to sex but they don’t want to be raped.  It’s a fantasy.

You can be into age play and that doesn’t make you a pedophile.  I enjoy Daddy/Daughter role play and porn but I don’t wish to actually have sex with my father.  The guys that enjoy it too dont want to have sex with a child.  It’s just a fantasy.

I enjoy the idea of being submissive.  My ideal relationship would be with a trustworthy man that was kind but dominant in all facets of our relationship.  

Never would I say no to a blow job any time he desired. The thought of him coming up behind me while I’m doing the dishes and pulling my panties down to fuck me bent over the sink, makes me wet as I type this.  Rest assured his dick would always be soaked with my excitement.   

I want dominance in our life too.  I’d like him to make the decisions and as long as I am safe, loved and fucked I would be content doing whatever his heart desires.  My pussy is his to do with as he wants and when he wishes too.  Daddy would be what I’d call him and daddy is always right.

If he wanted to have sex in the middle of the night he could just scoot next to me and slide his dick inside of me always finding a wet and willing pussy.

Those are my innermost fantasies and it wasnt easy putting them into the world but it should be.  Again it’s just what makes my pussy wet not the secret’s to the universe. 

So don’t feel embarrassed about what does it for you.  You only live once so don’t deprive yourself. Role play the fantasies you can’t act out and the ones you can find someone willing to jump in and help you to experience what turns you on and you will find sex much more fulfilling. 

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