Early Christmas Wishes

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. Everything about it is positive for those lucky enough to have family. It can be stressful of course getting together and all the hustle and bustle. Everyone has family dynamics that can be trying from time to time but it’s just once a year.

Many aren’t getting together this year because of the virus. My hope is that those that aren’t will take a moment to think of all the people that didn’t choose to stay home this year. They stay home every year, if they have a home, because they don’t have family to celebrate with. Which can happen for any number of reasons.

This Christmas when you feel a little sad or a lot sad because it just doesn’t feel like Christmas think about how wonderful you could make next Christmas.

Don’t gripe about the hubbub the comes with it all. Don’t give cash or gift cards, find out what the want or need. Show them that you put thought an effort into it. Don’t buy something that benefits you both…make it personal. Something they wouldn’t buy themselves.

Embrace Christmas and those that make it special. Tell everyone you love that you are lucky to be celebrating with them.

This year at least call, dont text everyone that you care about and maybe a few that you know are alone every Christmas.

I sure took for granted all the Christmas’ past. Last year I experienced the holidays alone and it is the loneliest I’ve ever felt. I did give myself the gift of safety and sanity though. It’s a tough road I am on but at least no one, well almost no one is hateful to me.

I’m scared everyday but not every minute of every day anymore so that is progress. Aside from some bad screening on my part that lead to devastating outcomes I have successfully made it this past year.

I’m no longer homeless, though sometimes it still doesn’t feel real. I’m scared that someone will snatch it away at any time but I know as long as I do my best to do the right thing I may make it.

I’m trying to be a better person and hope that in some small way I help some of you. Even if it’s just entertainment for a short time. One thing is for sure most of you have helped me. Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve…lol…I’m early I know but I wanted to talk to you so I wrote.



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