Many of you have reached out and expressed gratitude. Which blows my mind. Some people feel as though it’s been a good tool at the beginning of your journey into the hobby.

Some of you have just said that they enjoy reading about my experiences and following my journey out of an abusive relationship and my struggle to survive.

You’ve said you would love to be able to help out with my very nice but empty new apartment but need a safe way to contribute without raising any eyebrows.

Then today I got a text from a follower with the idea of a wish list on Amazon. What a great idea.

So below is a link to my wish list and all you have to do is go on and choose something and Amazon will handle getting it to me.

I was considering making the blog a subscription type thing for the more provocative posts but since you all are so giving I’m not going to at this time. If I see that you are offering support in other ways then I am good with that.

Workinggirlkys wish list

Link to workinggirlky's wish list on Amazon to show your support from afar.

Thank you all and

Happy Holidays

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