How To Treat An Escort

1. If she has a website and or blog READ IT .  It takes hours and hours of work to put these sites together if they build them themselves like I do.  If they dont then it costs a lot to have it created and then maintained.

If you see an ad you are interested but do not see a website listed they still may have one.  SEVERAL places where escorts advertise wont allow them to promote their sites because they have no way of knowing if the link is to a competitor site disguised as a personal one. Be sure to ask if you dont easily find one.

If she does not have a blog or website then ask if she could send you her rules.  Surely you will be able to get some hint there.  If not you may be out of luck.  You will have to rely on reviews to get an idea of what she does and doesnt do. Just remember if she is new then proceed with caution.  No website/blog and zero to one or two reviews is a red flag.  If the reviews are all on the same date beware.

2.  Never ask for specific acts through text or even over the phone.  It’s TRUE that 2nd phone number apps can protect the identity of the user but not if that number is used for advertising..  Providers link websites with their photos and often their name and general location.  Plus I pay a few dollars a month to do away with the large number of ads that make regular use of the phone number unbearable.  I’m sure that I am not the only one.

Though I firmly believe that law enforcement has little interest in busting two consenting adults as long as it’s not an agency situation that often partakes in some form or another of human trafficking or worst drugs mixed into it I still believe in caution when at all possible so text as though it will be something you have to explain one day…though highly unlikely.

3. Never send dick pics to any women and so that includes escorts.  You may believe what you are packing is just what the doctor ordered but remember you dont know this person.  She likely wont see a man with a large cock because it’s more work in her mind. Plus its disrespectful.

4.  Communication is key. When you first reach out dont simply say hi and wait for the provider to say hi.

Meme created by female escort explaining initial contact procedures.
Wrong way

The photo above is how it often goes. It can make one or both parties want to pull their hair out. Use each text to the fullest.

Try this instead

Right way

See how every text is useful information. It doesnt have to go exactly like my examples but you get the idea.

5. Dont ask a provider for a discount. If you see her rates are more than you’ve budgeted for then wait and save a little more or dont contact her.

You wouldnt be very happy if your clients wanted your services but didnt want to pay your normal rate. It would be insulting to you and its insulting to us. You are asking us to mark ourselves down and it’s wrong.

There are tons of providers out there at all different price points. Find one that fits your budget and save yourself the trouble of being cursed out and blocked.

Above I included a link at the top of this post to a Vice news clip where they ask an escort how she would like to be treated. If you want watch it. I found it interesting.

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