Happy Holidays

Hey guys and gals.

I wanted to stop in and say Happy Holidays to all of my favorite people.  Believe it or not, even if you’ve never seen me and never will, the act of following my blog is encouragement.  It blows my mind that people are interested in what is happening with me.  I wish all of you had blogs I could follow so I could learn something about you.

Please feel free to email me any time.  If you have an idea for a blog entry you would like me to write comment on this post or email me what you have in mind.   I can be reached by either clicking the contact tab under the menu or at workinggirlky@gmail.com

I would love to hear from all of you.  Even though I can see how many people visit everyday I cannot see what you like or don’t. 

So far everyone I’ve met has been wonderful and I would be honored to get to know you or just say hi.

My apartment is coming together.  I still need a few rugs, lamps, bed skirt, head and foot board for queen bed, end tables, a desk, coat rack, quilt for bed, and other silly stuff. 

The good news is I’m no longer homeless. I can hardly believe it.  No more hotels for me.  Unless I’m on vacation.  Doubt that will happen anytime soon but you never know.

When I reflect on how scared I was to leave my husband I had no idea how strong I really was. 

Heres a few things my ex use to tell me.

He told me it would be a miracle if I wasn’t back in a month and it has been a little over a year.

He said that I would miss him. I don’t

He said he made sure noone would ever rent to me. He didn’t know I would meet amazing people that would care about my situation and would encourage me to keep trying.

He said I was too dumb to make it without him…making it…lol

Those are just a few. Thanks to all of you and especially a few like Rich, Walter, Alex, Marshal, John and a couple others. I use to say I had terrible luck but now I know I have good luck, hey awesome luck.

Thank you

Enjoy the holidays and most of all your loved ones. Cherish them everyday. That’s what it is all about.

Don’t forget to contact me. I would love to hear your from you even if it’s just hi.

Love Sincerely,




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