Good News

It’s been over a year since I left an abusive relationship of  more years than I’d rather admit.  I left behind everything and everyone I had ever known. 

I did not have a plan or anyone that I could trust not to tell where I was, unwittingly or not. My car was the way he tracked all of my movements so I had to leave it.

I had Uber meet me at the end of the street.  I was a mess.  We had just had the worst fight ever.  That says little cause we had some doozies.

I was crying hysterically and scared.  The driver took me to a hotel on Preston hwy where I met a girl who told me about escorting after she observed me crying.  I was broke with no where to go. 

After that day I was able to support myself with the help of all of you and several other  very special men that I have had the honor to meet through this blog.

True, I’ve been promised the moon by many who never delivered and it felt like it would destroyed me but it didn’t.

Thanks to all of you I didn’t give up hope.


Yesterday I got an apartment.  I move next week, for sure. I can hardly believe I am no longer homeless.  Instead of 3k a month I will pay less than 1k including utilities.

Thank you to Walter, Richard, Marshall, Alex and several other key people who I dont want to mention due to privacy.

Again, thank you for caring about a woman that thought nobody cared about.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving

All My Love,

Thank you to supportive clients of female escort in Louisville Kentucky
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