Thank You

It’s almost Thanksgiving and I was feeling a bit down today. No reason besides the usual, but I started a gratitude journal and as I begun my first entry I received a text.

The gentleman introduced himself and said he had been following my blog and wanted to meet me. No appointment or anything just wanted to meet me and give me a small token of appreciation. Hmmm…yeah right.

I asked again if he wanted an appointment but he said no. Just a moment of your time. I figured why not. He wont show any way, right? Wrong, not only did he show but he was sweet and kind.

The only thing he wanted was a hug and to tell me thank you for writing this blog. It goes to show you never know whose life you are touching, positive or negative. He then handed me 100 dollars and got into his truck and left .

I’m lucky, even though my life is hard so is everyone’s. At least I am free and capable of sharing with anyone whose out there reading this. Just know, I’m no one special but you sure made me feel special today.




I had the honor of meeting Marshall last night. We had a wonderful dinner date. To my delight he is just as sincere and sweet as I initially thought. He even invited me to Thanksgiving Dinner with a real family setting. For that and so much more I wanted to say thank you again.


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  1. Dear Joann

    Please believe me when I say the honor was absolutely all mine . I would love to do it again soon . I’m so happy to hear you are getting your apartment. I’ve tried txting, and calling you to see about Turkey Day but I guess you are having issues with your phone . Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving

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