What Kind Of Man Pays For Sex?

Just like sex workers, guys that pay for sex are often misunderstood. Even by other people that pay for sex.  Almost all of my clients suggest to me they are more generous, cleaner, or better looking than the people I see, right?


Good men pay for sex.

Men that pay for sex are just regular guys. Some would argue that a married guy seeing an escort is more thoughtful than the married guy with a girlfriend.

Girlfriends wish to dethrone the wife. Escorts don’t want their patrons to leave their wives because they are emotionally invested. 

Spouses whose husbands choose a provider instead of a lover don’t deal with lie after lie in order to put the time in needed for when he wants, sex.

Client wives don’t have anonymous callers that hang up when she answers, or the inevitable moment where girlfriends tell the spouse that she is fucking her husband.

Ninety-eight percent of Girlfriends WILL alert your bride. Regardless, of what you’ve told her.  If you don’t leave your wife on your own, then she is just helping. Clearly her married boyfriend doesn’t want to hurt his wife, though he is unhappy, right?


In my experience, my clients love their wives. There’s just one problem she doesn’t understand that sex isn’t a wish for her partner it’s a NEED. If she realized that she would be fucking her husband and there would be little to no need for a girlfriend or an escort.

Sex for most women is cool but she could take it or leave it.

Men NEED sex and if they aren’t getting it from the woman, they married they will find it elsewhere. He may hate himself for it, but it’s a need and not a want.

The answer to the question of what kind of man pays for sex is a regular, run-of-the-mill kind of guy.

He loves his wife and family. He provides for them and nothing will change that. Some are hot, and some aren’t. There’s rich guys and poor ones. All races and ages. It doesn’t matter what kind of education he’s had or where he grew up. All that matters is that he has a NEED that isn’t being met.

You know it’s a need because of the risks he will take to fill that NEED. Every guy is nervous when cheating or meeting a provider. He doesn’t want to spend his money outside the marriage, but if he got a girlfriend, it would cost even more.

Undoubtedly I would rather my husband see an escort twice a month than become involved with another woman.

If you are in a relationship with a guy and you have stopped engaging in regular sex then guess what? Your husband is the kind of man that pays for sex, so fuck him!

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