Hey guys, I wanted to take a moment and point out that when you visit me I don’t control whom if anyone is outside.

I am not the sole person residing at this hotel. You aren’t allowed to smoke inside, thank goodness, we can see men and women smoking outside. They have nothing to do with me or my room, so there is no need to get disturbed when you see individuals outside.

Plus, it’s an enormous turn off when a guy gets so frightened by something that is going to happen outside of most buildings, individuals go outside.

Being nervous about a first appointment is normal. Seeing individuals in a public place and leaving is a bit overboard. Remember, before getting to the provider’s location you should have done a fair amount of looking into them. Read reviews, listen to the way they promote themselves and the area her in call is located. Don’t get caught up in how beautiful she is and forget to protect yourself. You are important, and visiting a provider is only fun if you visit a safe provider.

Remember seeing people doesn’t mean something’s wrong it just means you are in a public place.

Love you

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