What Is Edging?

Edging is one of my favorite services combined with my absolute favorite, bj. Most provider do their edging with a hand job only. Boring, if you ask me.

Normally I charge an additional fee for edging but this week I am throwing it in on all sessions. NO ADDITIONAL FEE. That’s right, you get to experience edging all while basking in a blow job that goes and goes.

You will feel like you are in heaven. After all, that moment right before orgasm is better than the orgasm its self. That sensation seconds before you explode feels so good it makes climax possible.

When enjoying edging you get to have that sensation over and over. As many times as you are able to say stop. As soon as I stop almost immediately I start again. Slow wet licks up and down the shaft of your erect penis.

Again and again until you cant possibly wait another second…cause YOU ARE GOING TO EXPLODE RIGHT NOW!

Mmmm….its so hot.

If you’d like to experience this first hand please text me. Dont call, text, 5026101931 or email ( slow response )


Dont miss out on edging at no additional fee. This weekend only.

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