Bye Bye Boredom

So glad things are back to normal after long weekend. I know sometimes its hard to get through to me but I get so many texts. If you text and just say hello or how are you then you may end up being the last person I respond to. Which then it may be too late for either of us.

When you text introduce yourself. Tell me your age, name and race. Tell me why I should choose you to respond to instead of any of the others.

Figure out how to stand out. That way I can find you. I try to respond to everyone asap but I often fail. For that I am sorry. Please try again and the next time tell me about yourself. Just like you I have preferences which are likely opposite of what you envision.

I love people and I want to get to know you. First time sessions are tough so let’s make the best of it so we can move on to the sessions where we both feel comfortable and can enjoy each other to the fullest.

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