Fake Clients

Every day it’s getting worse. I feel like you guys must feel sorting through all the fake ads for girls on Listcrawler.

It started about two months ago for me anyway. Get a text and it’s like any other . They ask a few questions, and then they all say something to the degree of I am worried you are fake. I need you to prove you are real.

Okay, I’m thinking he wants a pic with me holding up three fingers, my middle finger or I’ve been willing to send a video of myself using his name. Nope, the only way to prove I’m real which by the way seems insane…of course I’m real…at least I think so…lol, the only way to prove I’m real is if I click this link he sends. It looks like a link to my ad on megapersonals except if you pay close attention theres always an extra letter or something.

The websites have been hammering into our heads for six months not to click any links with what looks like their url. They are phishing links. Apparently if you click the link they are able to hijack your account and post fake ads, you are screwed as far as returning to post. Some think it can open your device up to where they can see your bank accounts, or whatever personal info you have on your device. I am not sure.

Click here to learn about these links

Phishing explained with photos so clients understand.

Today I had four or five that out right booked calls ahead of time and when it was just about time for them to arrive they dropped the I dont think you are real, please click this link to prove it. Grrrrr.. so frustrating. I missed several possible real clients that wanted to book appointments at the same time as the fake clients so I said I wasn’t available.

Very frustrating day. Yesterday I had two sessions booked that didnt show and failed to even text to allow me to book someone else in their place.

Guys, please…I understand that things happen. Maybe you’re just too nervous even, and I can respect second thoughts but please…please have the decency to at least text the provider and let her know.

We have Bill’s, need to buy food and some of us even have lives removed from booking and spending time with clients. We aren’t going to be mad, or even short if you have to cancel. However if you wait until you were suppose to arrive or never give us a heads up dont be upset when you reach out and find you are blocked.

That’s what I’m doing unless the client sends a cancelation fee of 50 for 30 min , 100 for hour or more then I’m blocking you. If you give me at least an hours notice, then great. No harm no foul…one time. Dont think you can do it time and again.

I know life is complicated and shit happens but damn, this is just down right disrespectful. Please treat providers the same as you want us to treat you.

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