Keep it discreet

Let’s make sure everyone is moving as discreetly as possible when visiting your favorite provider, whoever’s it is.

1. Dont forget to delete your browsing history immediately after anything you don’t  want to explain to your wife, girlfriend, roommate or even kids about.



3. Grab a prepaid, or burner phone from Walmart. Look for tracfone. You purchase minutes as you need them.  Never leave this phone on, always power off after using. Unless you are ok with your wife discovering it when the provider accidentally pocket dials you. Not good. I would recommend blocking all numbers you reached out to just to be safe also power off.

Another option that might be simpler is downloading a app that allows you to use a untraceable number right from your device.  Do not use your actual email when setting it up and once you have used the app all you need to do is simply delete it. You wont have to worry about purchasing another device, or hiding one. Plus no need to purchase minutes.

Check out, textnow or textfree wherever you buy apps.


4. When choosing a provider you are obviously looking for what you believe is sexy, pretty or hot.  Naturally, have at it. While looking at her ass check how long she’s been posting. Does she have reviews? A website or blog?

If it looks like she is brand new beware. Let some other guy test the waters. If she is real,  reviews exist.  If she looks too good to be true…she is.

5.  Never ever ever, get roped into buying a gift card and giving anyone the numbers under the scratch off on the back.  The only time that you should be forking over donations is FACE TO FACE.

Always pay with cash unless she prefers a card and then purchase a Visa reloadable card that you give face to face at the time services are rendered.

Some providers donations can be pretty high. Ask yourself will anyone question why you took such a large amount of cash from your joint account? Not sure, then consider  taking several smaller amounts leading up to the date.  This may be less obvious than one lump sum.

6. If your cover story is that you are working late. DONT come home wearing casual clothing despite the fact that you’ve worn a suit to work every day for the past 20 years.

If you are going in on your normal off day go through the exact routine you would go through if actually going in.  If you normally carry a briefcase or your bluetooth speaker everyday be sure to bring it.

7. Make sure provider is in a safe part of town, and that you use your gps.  Dont forget to delete that trip from your cars navigation system ( cant be too careful )

8. Your privacy isnt the only privacy that you need to respect.  The provider wants to protect her privacy too so when you arrive at her incall location whether it is a hotel room or a residence act as though you belong by already knowing if she has a preference where you park  and which door that you should use to enter.  She may want to direct you to a path that keeps you away from the staff at a hotels front desk or a nosey neighbor down the hall.

Also be aware of the volume you are speaking.  You are nervous and excited rolled into one so be sure you aren’t speaking or laughing real loudly.  Hotels and even many apartments have thin walls so remember this when things start to heat up. You may be very vocal at home but you are a guest and you need to keep all moaning, groaning and dirty talk under control.   Plus a man being overly loud in bed isnt as attractive as you may think.  I want to hear my man enjoying himself but I if he were to be loud enough for others to hear it would be an immediate turn off.


8. Whatever you do dont have unprotected sex with an escort.  If she will do it with you she is doing it with others…possibly many others.  You’ve took all these precautions to protect your relationship only to bring some devastating STD home to your wife.  So not only are you busted for cheating,  you pass a std. Imagine yourself dealing with herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, crabs, or how about Hep C, Syphilis, or HIV…on top of giving it to your wife.

9.  If at all possible use the shower before leaving. If all she has is strongly scented body wash just rinse and rinse again and it should take care of any lotion or perfume she may have been wearing.

10.  Under no circumstances  do you return to the providers incall location uninvited.  If you had a marvelous time and want to experience more simply make another appointment.   If you were a gentleman she will gladly welcome your return.  Otherwise you may find out the hard way that like you she has a partner too and he isnt exactly happy you are showing up without an invite.


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