Lucky Girl

I don’t know what happened but the caliber of clientele have been spending time with has taken some huge leaps in the right direction.  Not only are they  casual, respectful, have realistic  expectations and take out the time to read my blog so they know what I expect and what they can expect.  They arrive on time, prepared and respect the location.

These friends know how to get the most out of a serious

Example: My hour session is 150 ok average.   Inside the envelope with the session donation there is a generous tip of let’s say 200 and a 50 Amazon card!!!  That’s more than the entire session donation is.  

What a genius of a man.  If you want to be treated like everyone else donate the way most do.  If you want to be treated like the unique specimen that you obviously are then you behave in a unique fashion. 

Ladies like me are in need of either quick or serious money.   There are as many reasons for the need as for anyone. 

In the beginning I needed quick money to survive on my own.  Now I need serious money to enter the real world and chase one of the many other dreams I would love to bring to life.

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