Thank you

I need to take a moment and say a few thank yous. First I want to say you guys are listening to me, and when you need to cancel you’ve been texting me and letting me know. I cannot express how thankful I am for this. It helps my schedule but mostly it makes me feel like human, which I am. Thank you.

Thank you to one of my regular clients who came and saved me after I was taken by a man that was trying to sell me into the sex trade.  I got away or was rescued but was taken hours away and the moment I was released from the hospital he drove four hours and got me. ( havent shared this story but with him one day I will all of you )   He rescued me and he didnt care about getting anything in return.  To this day he has not tried to collect on this huge thing he did for me.  He has paid for hotel rooms when I was about to be on the streets and much so much more. Thank you, Walter.  There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.  

The day I posted my gofund me in order to try to get out of the hotel trap women like me often find ourselves in a man I dont know donated 100 dollars and never ever revealed himself in order to be thanked. Thank you.

That same day a man texted and asked my location. He assured me he didnt want anything but to make a donation in person. When he showed up he handed me two hundred dollars and all he asked in return was a hug and left me with the hope that I dont have to return to the many many years of abuse that I escaped and found me here doing what I do. Thank you

Less than a year ago I had only been with one man…my abuser. After postimg an article on craigslist in the community section I was simply asking for help to escape. The only responses I got were from men offering money to spend time witb me so when that young girl outside that hotel found me crying and claiming there were no more good people in the world her advice to make money with what I had was clearly the only way I could stay off the street, out of the shelters and hidden from the man that swore he would kill me if I ever left. He came close plenty of times so I have no reason to doubt him.

So here I am all these months later. I haven’t been beaten by a man that claimed to love me not once in almost one year.

I may be homeless due to him illegally using my social for girlfriends apts that would end up evicted. Maybe he is right and I won’t ever really make it out here by myself.

Most people dont give strangers second chances….and I am scared all the time that I will be on the street so in that way he is right and would throughly enjoy knowing that but I found a couple kind people. Im usually not hungry and so far Ive stayed in a hotel.

Now tomorrow that luck may run out but until then thank you to those that have been kind to me in any way what so ever.

All kindness brings tears to my eyes. When you’re use to crying broken hearted tears happy tears are magnificent.

Thank you

3 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. I commend you for your openness and ability to make a good outcome out of a bad situation. You truly are a rarity in the realm of women. Most women hide the facts of need and want, you have turned it instead into a world of passion and intrigue. Here’s to meeting sometime in the future.

  2. Dear Joann
    I hope this finds you doing well . I really enjoy reading your blogs . I’ve never seen a service provider before, and your openness is very educational. I can’t imagine what you have been through with a guy that is so cowardly to put his hands on any female in an abusive manner . But I definitely commend you on your strength and courage, you have got to be an absolutely amazing person. I live in Indiana but sometimes work down in Ky . If I get the chance to get down there I would absolutely love the honor of meeting you somewhere for dinner if schedules permit . You are an attractive woman and I just wanted to tell you the way you come across that you are absolutely beautiful on the inside . Best of wishes to you .

    1. Marshall
      You are too kind. Im just a regular woman that is trying to share a part of life that most work as hard as possible to hide. The relief has been tremendous. However Im scared everyday about ending up on the street and lots of other not so sexy attractive things.
      Anyway, I would be honored to meet you, a man that is interested in a little more than looks….a little intellect, never hurt anyone now did it.

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