Independent verses Agency

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking into an escort then you’ve noticed some claim to work for someone else or for themselves.

Does it really matter? I don’t know, I don’t visit escorts.  All I can do is tell you is what I’ve learned, my opinions and you must decide.  Please, come back and tell me what you find.

Here goes.

A true Independent escort is working for themselves obviously. NOPE, that’s what I figured too but was wrong.

Some claim Independent yet are working for some asshole who we all world call PIMPS.

I am Independent.   NEVER would I give any man or woman for that matter any percent, portion or part of my money.  Often the woman or usually girl isn’t aware she even has a pimp. Despite the fact that she sleeps with men for money and when they walk out the door, some jerk comes in.

Yep…she hands this asshole the money. He either got her hooked on drugs or pretended to love her and then springs the industry on her when she is most vulnerable.   After the first one she’s done cause he doesn’t have to beat her, because she will beat herself. In her head every second.  She thinks all the things you do times 100. She will keep herself in such a state that there’s no chance for her to make s different choice and no help just an out stretched hand.

What in God’s name would have to happen to make a women willingly do this?

No, I’m not talking about human trafficking.

I won’t be speaking on that since it horrifies me that it is real and I don’t know enough about it to speak on the subject except to say this,

If you see a girl or woman that obviously does NOT want to be doing what she is doing with you then stop going. She could be being forced and who wants to be with someone who may be there physically but definitely are elsewhere mentally leave. Find a new provider cause you deserve better and so does she.

Escort Agency’s are real.  These are often the porn women that charge astronomical amounts of money all the way down to a regular chick.  I believe it depends on the area whether the providers are mostly agency girls or Independent.   The one obvious thing is that the agency takes a cut.  That means the provider will depend on a more sizable tip.  The agency’s sometimes take the entire initial fee even if it was 250 and you were told there are no additional fees.  Often I’m told these women won’t have physical contact past a massage regardless of fee.

Again, why give any amount of your money to someone other than the female you will be spending time with? NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY YOU WILL BE PAYING MORE AND RECEIVING  PARTIAL SERVICE.

That is what women and clients have told me anyway.

If you book with me, I get all of any donation collected.  I will also remind you that a tip given at the beginning of a session is the way to go.  That way I can show how thankful I am.  If you give it to me as you are leaving the most I can do is say thank you.  Before is always the wise choice.

If you have more info please comment so others will see it and know or email info to me and I will add it to this blog and there will be no connection to you publicly.


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