Great Appointment, Thanks

Last night I had an appointment with a client I’ve seen several times. The chemistry between us is explosive. The moment we handle the donation, which always has an extra fifty in it, the whole provider/client relationship is forgotten and now we are lovers.

Regular clients are where its at ladies and gentlemen. The first couple of sessions I had with, we’ll call him Alex, were nothing to write home about for sure. It’s like I always say, the first session isn’t ever what you imagine. ( What is? )

Alex is a generous lover and he has figured out some of the things that turn me into his while we are together. He makes me want to please him and it’s starting to look as though there isn’t much I wouldn’t do or allow to ensure he is satisfied.

When this adventure into the industry began I never thought this level of passion was possible. The problem was that every client is a new client when you first start out. You Don’t know how to screen for the ones you want yet so you are running into all kinds of issues.

After you’ve spent some time with a man you become more comfortable and that makes enjoying that time more probable. NEWS FLASH ESCORTS ARE HUMAN WOMEN!!! You guys want an Oscar-winning performance from me and all you booked is a quick visit and no tip.

Alex is a married man and he loves his wife. Unfortunately, she isn’t a sexual being but she gives love in lots of other ways that I have no desire to provide even if he wanted, which he doesn’t. I respect my client relationships and strive to be of service to them and not a hindrance.

After our time together he can go home and enjoy the woman he loves without resentment. That is what I tell myself anyway. Lord knows I could be way off in left field but that is my goal.

So, Alex thank you for a wonderful evening. Now Don’t get me wrong, Alex isn’t the only client I have smoking hot sessions with. Hopefully, I can get to know you and we can develop a sexually charged provider/client experience.

If you are sitting there reading this and your knees are practically shaking just at the thought of visiting me. It’s okay I get it. If you visit me you will be safe and when you leave you will be whole and smiling. Stop pondering and text me. This cabin fever is starting to get to me.


6 thoughts on “Great Appointment, Thanks

  1. Thank you, how far are you? How did you find me if you arent local?

    1. I’m in Florida lol looking for sites with listings and yours came up. It’s been very educational to say the least lol.
      Wish I would have known about you when I was traveling through kentucky. If you ever decide to take a beach vacation please let me know

  2. Cant wait to see u again

  3. I just responded

  4. It can go both ways

  5. Yes it has

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