Give Me A Hand Out of Homelessness

I am trying something new and asking for help. Sometimes it can be the hardest thing to do. I have learned the hard way though that isolation can lead to terrible things and if you don’t ask for help there is no way you can get it.

There are no expectations with this post. It’s simply a gofundme. I am hoping, maybe, possibly I could catch a break and get out of this vicious hotel cycle.

If nothing comes of it, okay…I’m no worse off than I was this morning when I created the campaign.

Starting a gofundme for yourself is humbling to say the least. Never did I believe that I would be homeless much less asking strangers to help me out of a cycle that I am failing to break free of.

Either way, thank you to all of you that have helped by making appointments and for all the wonderful compliments on my writing. I didn’t think anyone would read this stuff.

Stay healthy and horny



Also thank you to EVERYONE that is still working despite the risks in order to keep food in our cabinets, garbage off our streets, the sick being cared for and caring for the healthcare workers children so they can devote their undivided attention to giving someones…maybe your adult child, the best chance possible to beat this so they can get back home to the child that is certain there’s no possible way they could survive losing them.

Maybe now people will see the worth in everyone’s place in our world.

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