Dear: Anonymous Caller

Apparently, I have rubbed someone the wrong way ( possibly literally ) The last few weeks I have been getting very disturbing voicemails from an anonymous number.

The man on the other end of the phone is clearly an older gentleman, I would say late 50’s to early 70s I am no expert but I am almost positive that when he calls he is intoxicated on alcohol. He blocks his number so I am unable to respond.

If you are the man that is leaving these awful messages, please contact me on a phone that I can respond to. I am not sure what I did to upset you but I would like the opportunity to make it right. If possible.

If it is something I did and it is something I can fix I would love to… That goes for anyone reading this blog. If I have wronged you in some way please contact me so that I can make it up to you. I have made mistakes for sure. When I first started this journey I made plenty. There are definitely a few clients I would love the opportunity to start over. If that is something that you would be interested in.

I encourage you to reach out.

You never know how others feel unless you ask. All too often we deal with being unhappy but I’m not on my game 365 days a year and I’ve been less than my best for sure a time or two…three. Who knows, I do however want to fix it.

So give me a chance…if I don’t deserve it according to your measurements I understand. No matter I am sorry. Sometimes I’m an asshole just like everyone else.

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