Weekends Are Gonna Be Rough Ladies

Obviously, it’s hard to get away from your wife on a normal day., throw in a order by the governor to stay home and a pandemic…these guys aren’t getting out of the house!!

If you are like me and are surviving due to hotel rooms then here is your warning. WEEKENDS ARE GOING TO BE SUPER SLOW. Pay for the weekends as soon as you start making money on Monday. However, you pay, pay for Saturday, Sunday and Monday ASAP. Do that every week until this is over.

I thought the stress of it was bad before but damn this is terrifying. Guys, if you have a lady that you enjoy please take the time to see her. If you are single, then please go see her on the weekends.

If you don’t who knows what will happen. If anyone has any place I can rent PLEASE contact me. I will pay the rent plus I will make it very beneficial to you as well. Hello, I’ll pay extra for taking a chance with me.

In the meantime stay safe and horny!!

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