Checking In

Hey guys and gals,

It feels like the world changed over night so I wanted to take a few moments and check in with everyone.   I am healthy and am hoping that all of you are healthy as well.  Thank you to the wonderful clients that I have for continuing to keep regular appointments as well as creating new ones.

  For all the guys too scared, I get it but I do have to poke a little fun at the guys that are always requesting bb.  HIV sure… but not this…lol

Just wanted to state the obvious:

I am still seeing clients and am taking every extra step imaginable to ensure a safe experience during all appointments.  I am only seeing two clients a day and my room is sanitized in between sessions. ( always did just a bit on overdrive )  If you visit you will not encounter any surfaces that haven’t been thoroughly cleaned before your visit!

After all, everyone is freaking bored and naturally horny regardless of this virus.That being said I look forward to seeing appointments today and any other day that they don’t restrict movement.  ( that’s coming )



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