Acronyms Used By Escorts

AAMP= Asian Massage Parlor – Based in a residential apartment instead of a commercial storefront.

ABC = american born chinese

ABJ = american born japanese

Agency = a company that manages calls, bookings, and advertising for a group of escorts.

AMP = Asian Massage Parlor

analingus = licking ass

Cowgirl = girl on top, squatting or Reverse Cowgirl – girl on top facing deer squatting

ASP = Adult Service Provider,

ATF = all time favorite

ATM = ass to mouth = sex toy, finger or dick goes from ass to mouth.

attempts = trying to orgasm

Aunt Flo = menstruation, period

A&S = bait and switch = the person who shows up is a different from advertised photos

balloons = breast implants

BB = bareback = without condom

BJ = blowjob = oral sex = fellatio

BBBJ = bare back blow job = BJ without condom

BBBJTC = bare back blow job to completion

BBBJTCIM = bare back blow job to completion in mouth

BBBJTCNQNS = bare back blow job to completion, no quit, no spit BBBJTCWS = bare back blow job to completion with swallow

BBBJWF = bare back blow job with facial

BBFS = bare back sex

BBW = big beautiful woman

BCD – closed doors

BDSM = bondage, discipline, sado-masochism.

BF = boyfriend

BFE = boyfriend experience

BLS = ball licking and sucking

blue pill = Viagra

BSB = bus stop babe

butter face = everything looks good, but her face

BTW = by the way

cash and dash = takes your money and runs

CBJ = covered blow job = BJ with condom

CD = cross dresser

CMD = carpet matches drapes, typically a natural blonde

CMT = Certified Massage Therapist. A professional masseuse.

Cowgirl = CG = girl on top facing you

cover = condom

cruising = driving around, looking for streetwalkers

cups of coffee = releases = orgasms

DATO = dining at the o = analingus

DATY = dining at the y = cunnilingus

DDP = double digit penetration, kitty and anus

Doggie = man behind girl, girl on hands and knees

donation = payment

Doubles = A threesome with two girls and you

DDE = doesn’t do extras (PS only)

DDG = drop dead gorgeous

DFK = deep french kissing, open mouth with tongue

DIY = do it yourself (masturbation) oo

DP = double penetration, two guys on one girl

DT = deep throat, entire length of ***** taken in mouth

ECR = el camino real

EOM = end of message. No text in message body.

escort = a temporary companion for hire

facial = cumming on partner’s face

FBSM = full body sensual massage

fire and ice = a blowjob switching between hot tea and ice

FIV = finger in vagina

FOB = fresh off the boat. Asian immigrant recently arrived in the US.

FOV = finger outside vagina

French = BJ

French Kiss = Kissing with tongue insertion

FS = full service = BJ + Sex

Get Brain = blow job

Get Comfortable = get completely naked

GFE = girlfriend experience- Flirty, warm, Playfulness and kissing.

GND = girl next door

Greek = anal sex, back door

GS = golden shower = urination play

GSM = g-spot massage happy ending = A handjob (usually) or blowjob after your massage

hardwood floors = clean shaven kitty

Hat = condom

HDH = high dollar hottie

HJ = hand job = a manual / hand release

HH = half hour

HM = high mileage

HME = honeymoon experience, lapdog heaven

HWP = height and weight proportionate

hooker = prostitute

IMHO = in my humble opinion

interpreter = condom

Italian = penis rubbing between butt cheeks

ISO = in search of

kitty = vagina

Lapdog = person who worships providers to excess.

LDL = low dollar looker (opposite of HDH)

LE = ellie = law enforcement

LK = light kissing, closed mouth

NSA = no strings attached

OWO = oral without condom

PSE = Porn Star Experience

PV = private viewing (Dance)

RA = relaxation assistant

raincoat = condom

ROB = Rip Off *****

Reverse cowgirl = RCG = girl on top facing away

Reverse massage = you massage her

Russian = penis rubbing between breasts = Pearl Necklace = titty fuck

self-service = you masturbate

SO = significant other

TG = transgender

TGTBT = too good to be true

411 = seeking information

420 = 4:20 = marijuana

Now I do not have the need of most of those but I figured some of you may. Heck it’s confusing when you first see that.

I hope that is will help you as you navigate the world of escorts and providers. If you see some that I forgot or that you believe I got wrong please message me.

Stay warm out there. ICAF – It’s cold as fuck…lol

1 thought on “Acronyms Used By Escorts

  1. lol I hate them too. I didn’t create the language of this industry I just try to maneuver through it, though painfully.

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