Catch, Spit, Swallow or None of the Above

At least a few times a day I get a text asking if I swallow. It doesn’t matter that I clearly say I believe in safe sex for some reason guys are still under the impression that swallowing isn’t dangerous. I have heard so many excuses from the enzymes in your stomach kill everything to as long as you do not have open sores in your mouth you are safe.

So I decided to find out exactly what the truth is so that we can all make the best choice.

Forgive me gentlemen but I need you to please answer a question for me. Take a minute and close your eyes. You are laying on a couch in a hotel suite and your lover is giving you the best blow job.

She is not frantically attacking your dick. She is slowly licking the shaft of your dick up one side and then down the other. She takes the entire dick on and slowly uses her hand to make more contact. It’s obvious that she enjoys what she’s doing and before you know it you are about to cum.

Why Do You Care If She Catches Or Swallows?

You already reached climax. Why must she allow you to shoot body fluids into her mouth and even worst swallow them? Hello people, this 2020 and there are diseases out there. If a woman requires you to wear a condom then what makes you think she is going to happily ingest your cum?

Maybe it’s because I am woman and will never be able to know the lure in this mind boggling request that I get numerous times a day.

Okay, so my favorite lover just informed me that duh it is part of the orgasm because if you do not catch then you must suddenly spit the dick out and either she bring the orgasm home or you must. Okay, so st least catching makes more sense to me.

Why must she swallow?

Okay so I understand why in a perfect world you would prefer to cum in her mouth, but why must she swallow? Why are you will you offer hundreds of dollars extra for it?

* At no time will I offer to catch or swallow, even for extra pay, please don’t ask.

2 thoughts on “Catch, Spit, Swallow or None of the Above

  1. It feels great to cum in a woman’s mouth if she’s down. I really don’t care if she spits. I actually think spitting is kind of bot

    1. Lol awesome thx for your insight.

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