Bye Bye Breckinridge

It’s weird how easily we get use to things. I was really becoming attached to the place. There was no stove, microwave, and had to sit on the bed all day because there were no chairs. None of that mattered. I felt safe there.

In this line of business though you do want to stay too long in one hotel. Every move is hard. I don’t like change I need to work on that. Now you can find me off Blankenbaker and Interstate 64 I believe. I found a nice suite with full kitchen, including dishwasher and there is even a couch and chair in the living room area. Pretty neat, I am satisfied today.

Now it’s crunch time to attempt saving money and if I have a little luck I might get to move into an actual place of my own. I can’t imagine the pure joy that day will bring.

Do thank you to anyone that has taken the time to come visit and add to the fund that one day will save me.

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