Remembering The Good Ole Days?

Do you wish your penis got as hard as it use to? How about staying hard longer? At least long enough for you to stuff it into a condom and into the pussy that is right there. It’s hot, ready and waiting. All you have to do is slide it in…but your buddy isn’t sliding into anything other than your shit list if he doesn’t stand at attention quick. The worst part is that you’ve been fantasizing about this exact moment all week.

As you glance at the clock you are faced with the very real possibility that you just spent 300 to almost fuck a woman you have ZERO shared responsibilities with, no water under the bridge means no resentment. Yeah yeah you are paying her but, damn it, her pussy is soaking wet, and it’s not like you are like the rest of these bozos that visit her. You dated one of the hottest chicks at school…oh shit that wasn’t you it was your best friend, Todd or Chaz..Nope that guy was an idiot don’t lie to yourself about being his friend.

After all he may have dated a hot chick when you guys were in high school but these days the only thing hot in his life is his manager down at the piggly wiggly because Chaz just can’t stop running his fingers through his mullet around the deli food.

STOP!! I don’t want any of you to suffer through your sessions. When you leave your provider your legs should quiver every time your dick brushes against your pants as you walk to your car.

I said all of that to let you know I have a handful of those little blue darlings that make fucking for hours possible for anyone willing to give it a try.

2 thoughts on “Remembering The Good Ole Days?

  1. Good morning lady!! Thank you, I cannot stop crying ,I’m laughing so hard. I knew you were brilliant but an escort that offers the little blue miracle pill? Honey, you might facilitate life altering change in some of your clients’ lives. Take a bow dear, take a bow!

    1. Lol you are silly…its not that funny.

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