Who’s Going To Be My Valentine

Okay gentlemen, which one of you devils is going to be my valentine this Friday? As I write this post I do not have a single Valentine lined up. Should I feel self conscious? Well I don’t. I am assuming you guys are making big plans with the women in your lives. If that’s the case, nothing could make me happier.
So here’s my situation
The Farm Machinery Show has driven hotel prices through the roof here in Louisville. I have a room secured in Louisville until Friday ( Valentine’s Day ) I am contemplating taking that day off and going to a friends that day and night. However if I had a few SOLID appointments lined up I would gladly get a room on the outskirts of Louisville.
Maybe Lagrange, Westport Rd area or Shelbyville. I am open to suggestions.
If you need a date for Valentines Day then

I’m your girl.

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