Cruel World

As all of you who follow this little blog know I have reached out, swallowed my pride and asked if anyone owns a little studio or heck at this point a garage that I could pay to live in. Six months ago I walked or ran away from the only man I had ever been with due to his abusive ways. I left with nothing but hope for a life without bruises you can’t see and those you can…

I found myself living in hotel rooms and eating out of vending machines but I am surviving. The hotel life is tough I won’t even pretend that it isn’t. So when a client offerered out of nowhere to cosign for an apartment and even cover the moving expenses. I hate to admit it but I believed him.

This is the same client I did an overnight session with last month. He fed me a long line of bullshit and even went as far as taking me to look at the apartment and having me fill out my end of the application. Then when the apartment complex asked for his last three pay stubs he backed out.

The crazy part is even though I was actively looking for a better living situation I was content. Then this happens and now I feel like I’m in a dark hole. I’m sure it’s depression though I have no experience with it. I’m sure most of you are thinking why is this chick writing about this in her blog? I’m sorry if this entry isn’t what you are used to but I wanted to get these thoughts out of my head and into the Universe so I may release it.

Now the only thing to do is keep going. Maybe I believed in what he said because I’m new to this, I’m sure a seasoned provider would have seen him coming a mile away. This girl bought the lies hook, line, and sinker.

Lesson learned…people don’t care and that’s just how it is. Hopefully one day I won’t care either. Until then I’ll grin and pretend I’m just fine.

For any ladies reading this that would like this guys information so you can avoid the headache just send me a message..xoxo

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  1. Excuse me, but what an asshole. Why would he offer to do something like that and then snatch it away after dangling it in your face? I would like to make a donation to your housing and transportation fund of 1000 dollars. All you need to do to get it is, send me a PayPal request for that amount to and I will send it immediately. I also would like to challenge any of the hundreds of men a day that come to her blog to take, how about you give just this once. It doesn’t have to match my gift. If all you can part with is five bucks do it. Lord knows how many affluent men visit regularly just to masturbate to that red hot audio. Give for a change people.

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