One and Done

First of all, I mean no disrespect to any providers that don’t handle their sessions the way that I do. We are all individuals that is going to happen. They do things the way that works for them. We are all different and that is what you love about us.

The other day I had a client and as soon as his clothes came off he got off. Defeated looking he begun to get up. I said hold on tiger we are just getting started. Confused he said oh I already came that means it’s over everywhere else.. I said I doubt you’ve been everywhere else but that’s not how I do things. A smile grew across his face where defeat had been a moment before.

So I just wanted to make sure my clients know that if you book an hour or longer session then, by all means, go for two. That hour is yours use it as you see fit. True enough greek, edging and fetishes are an additional donation but that isn’t the same.

To recap, if you pay for an hour or longer and you are able to reach orgasm more than once you are always welcome to do so.

Don’t get frustrated if the first session you have a tough time preforming as you wish. It’s completely normal. The next time you see me you will be ready to go. Sometimes that first sessions gets to the best of them.


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