No More Dick Pics

Please, no more dick pics!

Okay gentleman, I hate to burst your bubbles but STOP WITH THE DICK PICS!! I know a picture of a pretty pussy drives most of you wild but that isn’t the case for dicks. It doesn’t matter if your dick is a foot long and four inches in diameter…well send that one.

That provider may need to rethink everything from showing up to changing the rates.

So besides a foot long shlong….

A dick pic is one picture that should never be taken and if it is it should ABSOLUTELY NEVER be sent to a female.

I don’t care if the female is an existing sexual partner, a paid provider or your ex. There is no good reason to send a dick pic. I will go as far as saying EVEN IF THE WOMAN ASKS FOR A DICK PIC, DO NOT DO IT.

She isn’t asking because it turns her on, unless she is a freak of nature…to that I call bullshit.

She is much more likely to send the pic of your little buddy to her girlfriends so they can have a good laugh or better yet send it to the man she fucks for free so she can say

See babe, your dick is the best I told you!

Guys, you are contacting a provider that you have every intention of paying, right? You don’t have to turn her on before you leave the office, and if that is what you are concerned about get an 50 out of the ATM and send her a pic of that with a caption saying ” I am including 50 extra to your donation cause I know you will be that much sweeter! ”

When you arrive watch her become wetter before your very eyes!

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