Finding A Regular Provider

I had a great session the other day. It was an hour and a half session and boy did it get pretty hot for a first-time visit. After he cleaned himself up there was still thirty minutes on the clock. I hate for my clients to leave that early but he was finished and said pop number two sure sounded great but the odds of him pulling that off in the next thirty minutes were slim to none.

I grabbed my clothes, and walked over to seit down and asked him if he happened to see my personal blog

He said he had and told me that the blog is what made him book sooner than later. This feedback is priceless.

Anyway, we started talking about how rough the first time session can be. They really are hard.

For the guys, they have to wonder

  • whether they will be safe at whatever location he is going to.
  • • whether the person who answers the door is not only the same person in the photos of the ad but that they are attractive.
    • TOO OFTEN they worry about law enforcement ( they are typically after the provider and not the client)
      And so on and so on

    The provider is worried about being murdered and ending up on one of those serial killer crimes shows on the ID channel. Of course, there’s always the threat of jail or being robbed. My favorite worry though is that there is a pimp on the other side of the door.

    Mix all that together with the normal anxiety two people get when meeting for the first time and are expected to disrobe within the first five minutes of shaking hands and you can imagine why the first visit rarely is the hottest or best visits. Those come with time and trust like in any natural relationship. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to find one provider and get comfortable

    If variety is your driving force for seeing providers then find a few and rotate them regularly. The better you get to know your provider the better your experience is going to be, period.

    As we all know in some form men always pay for sex. You pay for dinner, a movie and hope to get lucky. You marry her and you pay for this and that with or without sex. Providers just put it on the table, it’s gonna be this…for this!!

    While sitting there enjoying the last half hour with my client talking he totally agreed. He had a provider he saw for years. He said with time their sessions got better and better. You begin to know one another bodies and what makes them hot.

    This year find a provider you can build a trusting relationship with so you too can enjoy smoking hot sessions. Dont be a dummy just do it!

    2 thoughts on “Finding A Regular Provider

    1. Any tips for concealing the money going out for us married guys? My wife watches our acct like a hawk so it takes me a while to get the money without her noticing.

      1. Off hand what about taking something back that you’ve bought or claim something needs repair on your car that isnt obvious? I will think more on it and maybe make a post. I’ll also ask everyone else for their ideas.

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